Eating Disorders – Simple Things to Know

Weight gain could be a slippery slope where a few extra pounds could quickly turn into a wardrobe nightmare. Weight problems are mainly caused by two factors, unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. While some are genetically predisposed to suffer from easy weight gain, most overweight problems are due to simple lifestyle habits.

We’ve all been guilty of eating an extra piece of cake during the holidays. But the real problem is when we just can’t stop ourselves from grabbing that extra piece of cake holiday or no holiday. And this is where eating disorders come in.

Binge Eating

Binge eating is simply not being able to stop yourself from eating. Binge eating is overeating or the loss of control and the general feeling of helplessness. But this is not commonly an overt behavior, people who suffer from binge eating do this in secret and away from the prying eyes of people. Feelings of guilt and depression after binge eating are also manifested.

Binge eating certainly leads to weight problems but this does not stop there. People are also at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes and other weight related problems.

Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia nervosa is an eating condition where people overeat and try to eliminate their excessive food intake by vomiting, taking laxatives or inducing diarrhea. Bulimia nervosa is not merely overeating, this is out-of-control eating that goes beyond stuffing yourself full.

People who are suffering from bulimia nervosa are not always fat in fact some of them have normal figures. This is because people who suffer from bulimia nervosa are able to purge excess food from their system.

Anorexia Nervosa

At the other side of the coin is an eating disorder referred to as anorexia nervosa. Rather than being unable to stop yourself from grabbing the nearest edible concoction you see, you simply refuse to take any type of food for fear of becoming fat.

People exercise aggressively in an attempt to lose calories while refusing to eat. Exercising is a great way to lose those extra pounds but we should at least replenish the nutrients we lost. People suffering from this condition do not only actively reduce their food intake they also take laxatives, diuretics and vomit to remove the little amount of nutrients they have in their system.

Eating Disorders Summary

Statistics show that women tend to suffer from eating disorders more than men. Specific eating disorders are also more common in certain age groups and develop at an early age. Eating disorders could be developed and are also genetic. People with relatives who suffer from an eating disorder are more likely to develop this condition.

Heredity could be a contributing factor but far more concerning are the different environmental factors that come into play. While genetics is something that could not be controlled, external influences have a bigger role in the increasing number of people who suffer from eating disorders. The pressure to conform with what society considers as an attractive body has forced many to the path of anorexia nervosa.

Depression, anxiety and high levels of stress can also lead to comfort eating and eventually binge eating. The constant pressure at work and at home has left many people searching for an easy way to relieve stress.

We all have had our bouts with eating disorders at one part in our life. From our episodes of binge eating to extreme dieting what matters is that we have been able to overcome these situations.  It only takes a few steps to slip into the dangers of eating orders. If you believe that you might already be suffering, talking with friends and families or getting the help of a health professional is the best way to treat this condition.

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Tumescent Laser Liposuction

Everybody has their version of weight-related concerns. Whether it’s a problematic tummy area or stubborn cellulite deposits in the thighs and hips, these are just like nightmares that keep coming back. This is the main reason why fat-loss methods such as traditional liposuction have been growing in popularity. But going under the knife or surgical liposuction is an option that is not for everybody. It goes beyond the physical trauma (wounds, pain) but the fear of the procedure itself is something that has left many looking for safer, gentler alternatives.

Tumescent Laser Liposuction

Tumescent laser liposuction is one of the modern liposuction-alternative treatments that utilize laser technology and solutions to produce weight loss. Fat-melting and anesthetic solutions are introduced prior to the use of lasers. This solution is injected deep into the target area to begin the fat melting process.

Tumescent solutions have an anesthetic effect that desensitizes the target area to eliminate pain during treatment. Solutions also contain bleed-preventing properties to minimize bruising, swelling for speedier recovery. Added liquid volumes enhance fat dissolving and make it easier to eliminate fat.

Advantages of Tumescent Laser Liposuction

Tumescent laser liposuction as an alternative to traditional liposuction has its own share of benefits. It may not remove the same volume of fat elimination but it produces less physical and psychological trauma.

Tumescent liposuction produces less skin irregularities. It even helps tighten the skin unlike those seen in traditional liposuction where large volumes of fat are removed. The procedure is less painful and recovery faster.

Tumescent Liposuction Procedure

Tumescent liposuction could be performed when the patient is conscious or unconscious. It uses local anesthesia making the procedure painless. Treatments could be done in multiple areas simultaneously to improve results. The solution works not only as an anesthetic agent but also has anti-bleeding properties to reduce complications.

Target areas are first sterilized. It is then draped to prevent infection. The area is marked and a small needle is inserted where fat areas are located. Solutions are then introduced directly to increase liquid volume and create pressure to enhance fat destruction. Vasoconstrictor properties prevent bleeding.

After the anesthesia takes effect, a laser is inserted and directly introduced into the fat areas under the skin. The heat melts and destroys fat cells. This process makes it easier to remove fat cells compared to traditional liposuction.

A small tube also referred to as a cannula is inserted after the laser has been removed. It is used to siphon liquefied fats. Because fats are already in its liquid form, a smaller sized cannula is used. This minimizes scarring and tissue trauma. Lasers do not only melt fat cells but also helps tighten the skin. It makes the results look more natural.

Tumescent Laser Liposuction – After Treatment

Benefits of tumescent laser liposuction include faster recovery times. Smaller wounds heal faster and because tissue trauma is minimized, the risk of bleeding is reduced. Pain and discomfort is common but this could be managed with pain medications.

Local anesthesia does not produce the same long term side effects seen in general anesthesia. But patients are assessed for levels of consciousness and range of motion before they are discharged. Patients are advised to rest and take pain medications for a day to minimize discomfort and recuperate. Compression garments might also be prescribed to minimize bleeding and provide added comfort to tender areas.

Patients are able to resume their normal daily activities by the following day. However, lifting heavy weights or performing strenuous activities are discouraged. This is because heavy activities could interfere with the healing process.

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What Makes Weight Loss Body Wraps Effective

FitSo how does weight loss body wraps measure up against liposuction and the other modern weight loss treatments available today. Is it truly effective or is it just one of those health fads that seem to disappear as soon as the latest craze pops up?

For a start, weight loss body wraps has been around since the Egyptians. It was commonly used for both medicinal and beauty treatments. This was long before the introduction of surgical treatments such as liposuction or facelifts. Many people swear that weight loss body wraps are effective in helping people shed those extra pounds while rejuvenating the skin for a more youthful look. Certainly this is a more attractive prospect once you consider the pain and scar that liposuction bring.

Different layers of fat and liquid deposits are located just beneath the skin. When the amount of fats and fluids are accumulated above normal levels, extra curves become visible as cellulite. This could be treated by switching to a more active lifestyle and eating a healthy diet.

But for some of us who have gone beyond those simple extra pounds, achieving a slim figure could be a difficult journey. This is why liposuction and other weight loss treatments continue to be a popular method of getting rid of stubborn fats.

Weight loss body wraps are just one of the liposuction alternatives that aim to reduce or eliminate cellulite deposits in the body. However, while most liposuction alternative only remove fat deposits weight loss body wraps bring extra health benefits. Keeping the skin healthy and removing toxins are just some of the advantages of this treatment.

Weight loss body wraps help shed those extra pounds by helping the body melt those cellulite deposits while removing toxins. It also brings lost moisture to the skin, introducing nutrients to revitalize and heal different skin areas. These body wraps also bring a soothing effect to help release built-up stress and tensions making you feel fresh after every treatment.

The main function of weight loss body fats is to melt those stubborn fat deposits directly under the skin. Although the results are not as dramatic as those seen in traditional liposuction, shedding off a few inches without the going under the knife is a gentler alternative. Fat deposits are not the only cause of weight gain and those extra curves, excess liquids which are stored in those nooks and crannies are also effectively removed after every treatment.

Most of the body wraps being sold today are those intended for weight loss. Treatments are similar to a relaxing sauna making it a relaxing method of eliminating fats. The added benefits depend on the ingredients that are used in conjunction with treatment. This could be mud, creams or oils that bring its own therapeutic effect. But this could be made effective by combining it with eating a healthy diet and exercising makes it doubly effective.

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Ideal Diets for Building Muscle Tone

800px-Bowl_of_chili_with_sour_cream_and_cheeseRegular exercise is the best way to get those flabby muscles in shape. However, that is only half of the whole picture. A balanced diet that is packed with nutritional goodness is also tantamount to achieving the physique that you have always dreamed about. Including the following food items in your diet will help you tone your muscles to perfection.


Protein is very important in building muscle and animal products like chicken are full of it. Your muscles will go through some wear and tear during high impact exercise and will need protein to repair faster. Chicken is also a great alternative to red meat since it does not contain excess fat that you might have to burn off.

Egg Whites

One egg contains about 6g of protein. Needless to say consuming them a few times in a week can increase your body’s protein levels significantly. However, the yolks themselves do contain a considerable amount of fat so make sure that you settle for the egg whites themselves instead. This way you will still be able to receive the recommended amount of protein while skipping on the excess calories from the yolks.


Vegetables are considered to be a healthier alternative to animal products especially when it comes to achieving optimal efficiency from your workouts. For example a cup of lentils includes 18g of protein and less than one gram of fat while a 6 oz steak includes 38g of protein but 44 g of fat.


Including water in your daily diet goes without saying but is worth mentioning anyway. In fact water is the most essential component of any muscle toning diet and for good reason. Not only does it effectively carry essential nutrients to your body’s extremities it also removes waste. Besides that it is a good source of potassium, chloride, sodium and calcium which help your muscles to grow. Regular water intake also prevents your muscles from cramping up during low and high impact exercise routines.


These are one of the most protein rich vegetables out there. A single cup of soybeans contains a whopping 29g of protein. Soy beans are also a great source of vitamins, fiber and minerals. Plus they are a great source of protein that comes without any additional fat.

Other Toning Foods

Opt for skinless poultry and tuna for lean proteins. If you absolutely have to have dairy products make sure that you go for the nonfat variety. Other sources of lean protein might include oats, wheat, barley and corn.

Fat Burning Foods

Trainers recommend consuming foods that will kick your body’s metabolism into high gear and help you burn fat faster. Foods that contain a considerable of Vitamin C will do just that. To ensure that your body is receiving sufficient amount of the vitamin, eat a grapefruit or orange before or after your workouts as a healthy snack. The water content in the fruits will keep you hydrated and boost your nutrient levels at the same time.

Sticking to foods that make you feel invigorated is a great way to ensure muscular health so make sure that you include such foods in your regular diet as well. Before long your muscle tone will start shaping itself just the way you want.

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