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  • Possible Complications of Thigh Liposuction

    Cellulite treatmentLiposuction is a medical procedure designed to remove stubborn fat deposits. And still remains to be the most effective method of removing large volumes of fat in a single treatment. Liposuction has become so common that reports of liposuction treatments going horribly wrong are rare. But this does not entirely eliminate the possibility of producing risks and medical complications.

    Liposuction is commonly performed in fat problem areas such as the abdomen, thighs, legs and arms. And the dangers posed by liposuction remains the same for each area. Complications such as hemorrhage and infection are just some of the possible complications of liposuction.

    Fat Embolism

    A serious complication of liposuction is the development of fat embolisms. Fat cells are broken down during liposuction and an open wound could be an unwilling entry point of free fat cells. Fat could travel through the blood stream reaching the brains and lungs. Serious damage could result from this fat cells reaching small blood vessels in the brain. Blood flow is blocked depriving brain cells of oxygen. Although cases of fat embolism is rare, this is a life threatening condition.


    Great care is taken to ensure that the area for thigh liposuction is kept sterile or free from infection. A surgical incision is required during liposuction. Open wounds are created making it easier for infection to spread internally. Our body’s natural defense against infection, the skin is compromised.  But this is not only limited during liposuction.

    Infection could also occur after liposuction. This happens without proper wound care. Bandages should always be changed to prevent infection from setting in. Refrain from putting too much stress or pressure on the wounds to prevent them from opening.

    Venous Thromboembolism

    Blood clots are part of our body’s natural defense mechanism against wounds. Its aim is to stop bleeding by blocking further blood flow from the wound. Just like fat embolism, blood clots could travel to the lungs through circulation. It is a life threatening condition and should be considered serious.

    Studies show that large volume liposuction has a 1.5 percent chance of developing a clot. One out of ten cases of pulmonary embolism is fatal within the first hour of the first signs of its symptoms. Patients are at greatest risk for pulmonary embolism from three to seven days after surgery.

    Reaction to Anesthesia

    Surgery requires some amount of anesthesia to desensitize the patient during the procedure. General anesthesia is required for major surgeries that require a large area to be desensitized. Because it affects a larger area, complications are magnified. Symptoms of toxicity from anesthesia include drowsiness, convulsion, slurred speech, muscle twitching and numbness to name a few.


    Uncontrolled bleeding due to improper wound closure. Patients who have undergone surgery are discouraged from performing strenuous or weight bearing activities. The real danger are wounds that are not visible to the naked eye. Bleeding wound from an open wound could easily be identified but those located deep within the skin is dangerous.

    Skin discoloration, swelling and tenderness in the general area of liposuction could be an indication of internal bleeding. Severe blood loss is life threatening and should be consulted with your surgeon immediately.


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  • Thermage for Weight Loss and Better Looking Skin

    Laser in operation roomThermage is a non-invasive treatment that helps you remove stubborn fat deposits while enjoying younger looking skin. Thermage is a procedure designed to rejuvenate your skin without the use of surgical knives or needles. It is commonly used for facelifts but is now used for other areas of   the body as well. Performing any procedure in the face is so sensitive that if you could use thermage then using it on other parts of the body wouldn’t be a problem.

    How it works

    Thermage uses targeted radio frequency energy to rejuvenate skin. Its energy pierces deep into the skin layers to remove dead layers and bring about new growth. Because the procedure generates heat a cooling ointment is applied over the skin to prevent burns.

    Heating the deep skin layers causes tightening. It also promotes the production of collagen, which is responsible for tightening the skin naturally.  Thermage also helps you remove deep stubborn fat deposits in the process. So you don’t only look young but also better and more pronounced contours in the face.

    Possible treatment areas for Thermage

    Thermage was originally used to treat areas around the face. This includes the jaw line and neck and skin around the eyes. But because thermage has proven itself effective in treating the skin while removing stubborn fat deposits has made it a good candidate for other areas of the body. Possible treatment areas for thermage include:

    • Abdomen – thermage could be used on the midsection and can act as a tummy tuck alternative minus the surgery. This could be used to reduce stretch marks which is a common skin condition found in women who recently gave birth. Stretch marks on the abdomen can also be the result of rapid weight loss. The skin is unable to keep pace with the sudden changes requiring extra intervention to improve its appearance.
    • Arms and legs – thermage can be used to tighten sagging skin in these areas. It is also a great way to bring better contour and skin tone giving you shapely arms and legs.

    Good candidates for thermage

    Thermage can be used on anybody wishing to improve their skin while removing stubborn fat deposits in the process.  It can be used for all skin types and colors and those within 25 to 60 years of age. This people respond well to thermage treatments because of their skin condition.

    When not to use thermage

    Thermage can generate a lot of heat and should not be used for individuals with skin conditions. This could aggravate their skin condition.  Those with cardiac devices are also discouraged from seeking thermage treatments. Radio frequencies could interfere with their cardiac devices or other medical devices. Thermage can ‘t be used for people using certain medications. People who are taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs should not seek thermage treatments.

    Is thermage safe?

    The Federal Drug Administration or FDA approved the use of thermage in 2002. This was for the purpose of facial treatments and rejuvenation. In 2006, thermage got the nod of the FDA for use in other areas of the body.
    Side effect and complications.

    Possible side effects and complications due to the use of thermage is close to non-existent. Making it one of the safest facial rejuvenation techniques available today. Aside from redness and irritation which goes away in a few minutes after treatment, there are no reports of serious medical complications.

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  • Ultra Cavitation – New Liposuction Alternative

    Ultrasonic cavitation is a modern fat loss treatment that was developed as a liposuction alternative. The treatment requires no surgery and anesthesia. It also gets rid of long hospital stays giving patients the ability to return to their normal daily routines immediately. Results could be seen in as little as one visit with better progress enjoyed after continuing treatments.

    Ultra cavitation can be used by people who feel frustrated with their current weight loss efforts. In contrast to liposuction, the procedure is non-invasive and has no medical complications. Like mesotherapy and lipodissolve it targets fat concentrations within an area.

    Common areas for Ultra cavitation treatments are the love handles, buttocks, thighs, arms and abdomen. The procedure does not only help you get rid of stubborn fat deposits but also shaping your body in the process.

    Ultra cavitation just like liposuction is not only limited to women. This treatment could also be used effectively by men. Males suffering from Gynecomastia or male breasts could use this as a treatment. Generally, anyone having weight problems could use Ultra cavitation.

    Ultra Cavitation – How it works 

    Ultra cavitation utilizes low frequency sound waves to remove fat cells. It destroys fat cell membranes compromising its integrity. Ultra cavitation does not require surgery or the use of anesthesia. It is totally non-invasive and devoid of complications.

    Sound waves penetrate deep into the skin reaching targeted fat deposits. Frequencies are strong enough to destroy fat cells but are unable to affect surrounding cells or tissues. Ultra cavitation does not require the use of physical intervention to remove fat cells from the body. This is eliminated naturally through our body’s wastes.

    The amount of fat cells destroyed by a single treatment makes it possible for patients to see visible improvements. Patients are then assessed after every session for possible side effects. After this, patients are then sent home to return to their normal daily activities.

    Radio Frequency Treatments 

    RF procedures reinforce Ultra cavitation by metabolizing by products such as large fat granules. The heat of intense radio frequencies forces the contraction of collagen fibers located in the subcutaneous and dermis layers of the skin. This results to tighter and more contoured results. This also promotes the production of new collagen as metabolism is increased. The result is a slimmer figure with healthier and younger looking skin.

    Radio Frequency treatments is a great way of improving skin health. It is effective in reducing lines and wrinkles renewing the skin. It mainly promotes the production of collagen protein which is essential for keeping our skin strong and looking healthy.

    Ultra Cavitation – Days After 

    Immediately after an Ultra cavitation treatment, patients could notice a decrease of several cm in the area and continuous improvement over the next visits. Several factors come into play when determining the success of treatment. The patient’s age, rate of metabolism, medications and hormones. We could see that this are all age-related so be sure to factor this in your expected results.

    Most patients found Ultra cavitation treatments to be painless and comfortable. Slight warmth in the area of treatment is normal but this is something that goes away after the procedure. Compared to liposuction, Ultra cavitation does provide an attractive alternative. Just be sure to couple Ultra cavitation with healthy eating habits to improve fat loss.

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  • Simple Lifestyle Changes to help you Lose Weight

    Exercise is a great replacement for surgery.

    Exercise is a great replacement for surgery.

    The road to a slimmer and healthier body is a difficult path. But overcoming these roadblocks only require a simple lifestyle overhaul. Liposuction is surely the quickest path to slashing pounds of fats accumulated through years of physical neglect. But this is neither the safest or most effective method of ensuring a healthier you in the future.

    The best weight loss treatments are those that reinforce a healthy lifestyle. It is those daily habits that given time helps you get rid of those stubborn love handles but more importantly keeps it away forever.

    Replace Fat with Muscles

    Easier said than done but if done right it rewards you with healthier and shapelier figure. Whether it’s walking a few extra blocks to the office or spending a couple of hours at the gym, getting rid of fats the natural way is devoid of risks and complications that surgery brings.

    Building and toning your muscles is the next logical step after losing those unwanted fat deposits. So why wait when you can build those muscles while losing weight.

    Build your Cardio

    Cardio exercises such as high intensity training or running is a good way to burn fats. It is also a good way to naturally increase your body’s metabolism. Living a sedentary lifestyle lowers your metabolism simply because your body does not require transforming fats into energy. When your body becomes accustomed to strenuous activity regularly, it prepares itself by increasing metabolism. This is to make energy readily available throughout the day.

    Eat Healthy

    Unhealthy eating habits is perhaps the biggest culprit in the overweight problems we face today. The overabundance of processed and fatty foods makes it easier for us to store those unwanted pounds.

    Lower your calorie intake gradually

    The best diets are those that work for you. Lowering your calorie intake suddenly only brings more troubles than solutions. You still require a considerable amount to maintain your normal body functioning. Cut your calories gradually. This gives your body the time to adjust to changes.

    Load up on proteins

    Increasing your protein intakes is essential when building muscles. But it is another good way of burning calories since more energy is required to breakdown protein. Replace those high calorie food with protein loaded meals. Satiate your hunger and help build those muscles.

    Fortify with Iron

    A well-rounded diet that focuses on all essential vitamins and minerals is essential. Iron improves blood flow. Better blood flow also increases metabolism. When you’re trying to burn fats and live a more active lifestyle it is important that your body’s supply of nutrients and oxygen is maintained with good blood circulation.

    Turn up the heat with spicy food

    Sweat is a clear indication that something in our body is heating up and eating spicy food is a good start. Eating spicy food gets our body heated up and so does our metabolism. It’s a great way to bring something different into your daily diet without sacrificing your hard earned gains.

    Stick to healthy fats

    Yes, there’s such a thing as healthy fats. Eating healthy does not mean eliminating one type of food or in this case staying away from fats. Fats are essential to our body’s normal functioning so taking it off the table can do more harm than good. Fish is a good source of healthy fat. Salmons for example are rich in Omega 3 which actually reduces levels of cholesterol in the body.

    Weight Loss and You

    The first step towards achieving a healthier body is accepting that change is necessary. Even the best weight loss treatments are useless if you are not dedicated to the process.

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