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  • Good Reasons Not to Have Liposuction

    question markLiposuction might be the most popular type of cosmetic surgery today but is certainly isn’t for everybody. For one reason or another, people always had second thoughts of undergoing this fat loss procedure.  Whether this is based on medical facts or personal preferences, liposuction has not exactly been the first choice for losing weight. But if you’re searching for a good reason for not having liposuction, below are a few reasons to choose from.

    It’s beyond my budget

    Liposuction might be the fastest way to get rid of fats but it also takes a huge chunk out of your pocket. This procedure is not covered in typical medical insurance and runs into the thousands of dollars for each procedure. And to get desired results, your surgeon may recommend multiple procedures further compounding costs. However, there are several ways you could keep costs down. You just have to understand the factors affecting the price of liposuction.

    One major factor to consider is the professional fees of the person’s performing liposuction. It is possible to lower liposuction costs down by shopping for cosmetic surgeons who charge lower. But this should be balanced with caution. Some surgeons might simply charge lower because they are not accredited or do not have the same experience. Be sure to check with your personal doctor before deciding to proceed with liposuction

    Liposuction is Surgery

    Aside from its prices, the second major reason why liposuction alternatives have been gaining popularity is because liposuction is an invasive procedure. Just imagine being injected with anesthesia and literally cut opened. Liposuction alternatives offer a gentler and less invasive method of removing fats. Some of this might actually require large injections such as those used in Lipodissolve. But this is still a far cry from the size of incisions made with liposuction.

    I don’t want to suffer the side effects or risks of liposuction

    We’ve all heard about liposuction and this is a testament to its popularity. It has even become one of the most (more…)

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  • Lipodissolve – Is it safe?

    There’s no shortage of liposuction alternatives promising to offer a safer and less painful method for weight loss. And one of these popular alternatives is Lipodissolve. It does not require invasive surgery and offer less complications compared to liposuction.

    What is Lipodissolve?

    Lipodissolve is fat loss procedure that utilizes a mix of chemicals and solutions that are injected to the body to eliminate fat deposits. However, there are no standard mixes and solutions are entirely up to the discretion of the providers. One active ingredient commonly used in Lipodissolve is phosphatidylcholine that is derived from soya beans. This component is responsible for destroying fat cells and is FDA approved for breaking down fats located in the blood. Another common ingredient Lipodissolve solution is deoxycholate which can be found in cattle bile.

    Safety and complications

    There have been documented cases of Lipodissolve going wrong. This is largely attributed to the lack of regulation with regards to the use of solutions used in Lipodissolve. However, the procedure is not recommended for pregnant women, diabetes, HIV or existing medical conditions.

    • Allergic reactions – the most life threatening complications from Lipodissolve comes in the form of allergies. This could result to anaphylactic shock, a condition where major organs of the body shut down.
    • Necrosis or tissue death – the use of unregulated solutions is responsible for tissue death in areas of treatment. There might also be errors in where solutions are injected, missing the target areas completely. This has resulted to skin grafts, or the removal of large sections of tissues and subsequent replacement of tissues in the area. Lipodissolve unlike standard medical procedures are not regulated.
    • Pain – a major selling point for Lipodissolve is its claim that it less painful because it is non-invasive. But patients have frequently complained about pain days after treatment.
    • Infection – this is a common complication for any type of treatment. Great care is always done to ensure that all instruments and the area used are kept sterile.
    • Diarrhea – patients can experience diarrhea as a result of fats being eliminated from the body. Fats removed during Lipodissolve are eliminated normally through bowels. Fever, nausea and dizziness could also result from the body’s reaction to the injected solutions.
    • Uneven body contours – as large amounts of fats are removed, the skin is unable to keep its normal tone. This is especially true when fats are not equally removed in an area.

    No long term studies have been made on the effectiveness and safety of Lipodissolve procedures. The absence of regulations has also contributed to the many cases of Lipodissolve treatments gone wrong. There are no accepted standards when it comes to the solutions used. This has made it impossible to determine what the exact causes of complications seen in Lipodissolve.

    The use of Lipodissolve has been banned in some countries. Some states have also considered banning Lipodissolve treatments altogether. Because of the many gray areas and lack of regulation or medically accepted procedures, Lipodissolve has not been accepted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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  • Turn your Office into a Gym – Simple Exercises

    AbsObesity and other modern health problems are not only caused by our personal diets but could also be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle. Office jobs or jobs that require long periods of inactivity make us soft and prone to weight problems. We often end up spending countless hours buried in our office seats racking extra pounds of fat every day.

    Yes, a sedentary lifestyle can kill you. When you sit down in an office for long periods of time without walking, your muscles become stiff simply because they have nothing to do. Blood circulation also gets affected so that there is inadequate supply of blood and oxygen to other parts of the body. Coupled with the consumption of junk food and a high fat diet, lack of exercise often leads to health problems such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis.

    So, how do you exercise inside the office? Here are some tips:

    Look Forward to Standing

    You should look forward to opportunities that will make you stand. This is because standing may cause you to burn more calories than sitting. You can stand while talking to the phone. You can also use standing desk, a high table or a counter which will cause you to stand sometimes. You may also opt to eat your lunch while standing up. Instead of talking on the phone or instant messaging, walk to other offices or desks.

    Take Breaks

    In between your work, why don’t you take a brisk walk and get coffee or a snack? You can also some stretching in between working hours. When you stretch, be sure to position your face straight ahead and lower your chin to your (more…)

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  • Healthy Heart Foods

    Diet pills that really workA change of diet can build a stronger heart. Since most of the things that leads to the condition can be blamed to unhealthy food that one consumed, then it is best to reverse the illness through the same factor, through diet.

    There are lots of foods that can offer protection for the heart. These foods have nature’s natural protective enzymes, compounds, nutrients and anti-oxidants which if can’t reverse the heart’s dilemma can reduce the risk and reduce the severity of the condition.

    Healthy Heart Foods


    Salmon is one in the first choice in heart protection and heart strengthening goals. Salmon and other fatty foods such as sardines and mackerel are known to top the super foods list when it comes to heart health. So what’s with salmon and other fatty fish?

    Salmon and its peers maybe called fatty fish but it contains a different kind of fat, the healthy one. This is called the long chained fatty acid, omega-3. It has been the subject of hundreds of studies and has been known for its heart benefits. It is known to lower the risk of arrhythmia which may lead to heart attack and atherosclerosis or the plaque building condition in the artery. Many health organizations all over the world advocates the inclusion of fish in everyday meal or the supplementation of omega-3 from fish oil and other marine sources such as krill and calamari.


    Oatmeal can be more than your daily breakfast; it can be a heart soldier. Oatmeal may help strengthen the heart through its soluble fiber which helps in lowering cholesterol. One major factor in heart disease control is controlling cholesterol level as well. The oatmeal with its fiber may act up and soak all the cholesterol then let it be eliminated in the body without having contact in the bloodstream.

    Oatmeal for the heart though isn’t that instant oatmeal which is sweet and artificially sweetened. Instead go for old fashioned oats. Experts recommended other whole grains with fiber such as bread pasta and grits.


    Blueberries together with other berries can help decrease blood pressure and dilate blood vessels. In a study conducted with women in the age of 25-52, it is found out that those who eat three servings of blueberries together with strawberries have lowered risk of heart attack compared to those who eat less.


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