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  • Healthy Heart Foods

    Diet pills that really workA change of diet can build a stronger heart. Since most of the things that leads to the condition can be blamed to unhealthy food that one consumed, then it is best to reverse the illness through the same factor, through diet.

    There are lots of foods that can offer protection for the heart. These foods have nature’s natural protective enzymes, compounds, nutrients and anti-oxidants which if can’t reverse the heart’s dilemma can reduce the risk and reduce the severity of the condition.

    Healthy Heart Foods


    Salmon is one in the first choice in heart protection and heart strengthening goals. Salmon and other fatty foods such as sardines and mackerel are known to top the super foods list when it comes to heart health. So what’s with salmon and other fatty fish?

    Salmon and its peers maybe called fatty fish but it contains a different kind of fat, the healthy one. This is called the long chained fatty acid, omega-3. It has been the subject of hundreds of studies and has been known for its heart benefits. It is known to lower the risk of arrhythmia which may lead to heart attack and atherosclerosis or the plaque building condition in the artery. Many health organizations all over the world advocates the inclusion of fish in everyday meal or the supplementation of omega-3 from fish oil and other marine sources such as krill and calamari.


    Oatmeal can be more than your daily breakfast; it can be a heart soldier. Oatmeal may help strengthen the heart through its soluble fiber which helps in lowering cholesterol. One major factor in heart disease control is controlling cholesterol level as well. The oatmeal with its fiber may act up and soak all the cholesterol then let it be eliminated in the body without having contact in the bloodstream.

    Oatmeal for the heart though isn’t that instant oatmeal which is sweet and artificially sweetened. Instead go for old fashioned oats. Experts recommended other whole grains with fiber such as bread pasta and grits.


    Blueberries together with other berries can help decrease blood pressure and dilate blood vessels. In a study conducted with women in the age of 25-52, it is found out that those who eat three servings of blueberries together with strawberries have lowered risk of heart attack compared to those who eat less.


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  • Diets for Toning the Muscles

    Enough to make a guy jealous

    All of us need good muscle tone. Muscle tone is defined as the continuous and passive contraction of the muscles or its resistance to stretch while resting. Good muscle tone is essential for maintaining balance, posture and strength. Although exercise can improve muscle tone, diet is also an important factor. A poor diet can result to low muscle tone manifested as muscle flaccidity and weakness. Food fuels the process by which the muscle builds and repairs its tissues. This is why we must choose the right food in toning muscles.

    So what are the foods that build muscle tone? Here they are:

    Egg Whites                                       

    Maybe you have heard many athletes say that eating egg whites can increase muscle bulk. Actually, egg whites can improve muscle tone. This is because eggs are a good source of high-quality animal protein. It is said that a single large egg contains about 6 grams of protein.

    You can actually increase your protein intake and keep up with your body’s protein requirements by eating a few eggs per week. Just be careful because eggs may also contain a high amount of fat, especially in its yolk. This is why we recommend eating egg whites instead to consume high-quality, low fat protein.


    Soy is a source of plant protein. Aside from protein, soybeans also give you a lot of vitamins and minerals to help boost nerve function and improve muscle tone. Soybeans also contain fiber which helps improve your digestion and make you feel full easily so you don’t feel hungry all the time.

    It is said that a cup of soybeans contain about 29 grams of protein. This food also contains less fat! You can also try other beans. Lentils are also good sources of protein. It is said that a cup of lentils may contain about 18 grams of protein and less than a gram of fat.


    Chicken meat is also highly concentrated with protein which helps build and repair damaged muscle tissues in times of stress or injury. If you are trying to build muscle, taking in a lot of protein from both animal and plant sources is important. Chicken meat is high in protein yet low in excess fat which can be found in red meat.

    Whole Grains

    Whole grains are cereal foods that contain cereal germ, bran and endosperm. Examples are wheat, oats, barley, maize, brown rice, rye and sprouted grains. Products which contain whole grains include whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, popcorn and rolled oats. These foods contain the right amount and carbohydrates that release slow energy to improve your muscle tone and to keep you on the go.

    Carbohydrates which are found in whole wheat and other healthy foods are the best sources of energy. It is essential that you take in high carbohydrate and low-glycemic index foods so that you will boost your energy levels without spiking your blood sugar levels.


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  • Risks and Dangers of Mesotherapy

    Mesotherapy is a gentler and safer alternative to liposuction. It lessens some of the risks associated with liposuction surgery but it still has its own share of downsides. Mesotherapy is safer because it is less invasive and does not require the use of general anesthesia. However, to get a better picture it is important that we educate ourselves about the different risks and complications that could result from Mesotherapy.
    Major areas of concern for people who have just undergone Mesotherapy are immediate areas around the injection site. This includes the skin and tissues in and around the areas of treatment. Side effects of Mesotherapy may include skin discoloration and redness which may appear after treatment. However, this may disappear with time or a few days after treatment. If discoloration persists, consult this with your doctor.
    Common side effects seen in Mesotherapy also include pain, swelling and bruising. A small amount of trauma is experienced as a direct result of fluids being injected on the area. Severe cases may result to adverse reaction to injected solutions that can cause ulcers and scars.
    Allergic reaction to injected solutions is the most dangerous threat posed by Mesotherapy. This could lead to anaphylactic shock, or the shutting down of major body organs. Hives appear almost instantly and breathing becomes difficult as air passageways close. This requires an emergency procedure to treat the allergic reaction. The good news is that this is very rare and is the result of using the services of unlicensed practitioners.

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  • Gynaecomastia – Male Breast Reduction

    Weight Loss--A Common Goal
    Gynaecomastia, the male breast emulating the appearance of female breasts condition, is more alarming in case of emotional and psychological aspect than physical.
    In the study of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons headed by Dr. Brian Labow, boys can be affected by adverse psychological effects at an early age even with just a mild case of gynaecomastia.
    Gynaecomastia can be cured or remedied through male breast reduction.
    Negative Psychosocial Effects of Gynaecomastia
    The study above yielded a clear result; gynaecomastia can affect boys, even men, in terms of psychological and emotional aspects. The boys who were the subjects of the study had low scores in term so standard quality of life assessment. They even have lower scores in physical health, being most of them over weight. The study has compared results to those boys who took the test but don’t have the condition.
    The reason behind the negative thinking over the condition is the idea that we have been reared in society that has breast as a standard anatomy part of women, not of men.  Men and boys find it adversative to being male and being masculine.
    Due to that, they experience problems socially, emotionally and psychologically, the men and boys suffering from male breast enlargement. The adverse effects of gynaecomastia psychosocially can be found below:
    1. Low self esteem is observed.
    2. Social relationship is impaired.
    3. Tendency to wear different clothes to hide the lumps and be considered different from the rest.
    4. Ridicule and bullying from people around you can be demeaning.
    5. Withdrawal from people and low assessment of body image.
    These can be overcome once the condition has been addressed. Surgery and losing weight are two of the most popular remedy for the condition.
    Physical and Medical Suppositions of Gynecomastia
    At the age of 14, 60% of boys have gynaecomastia.  This is due to the increase of estrogen during this stage.
    Mostly, men who have the male breast enlargement syndrome are on the overweight side of the scale. On the other hand, gynaecomastia or male breast enlargement or not, male are still susceptible to breast cancer.

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