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Bad Liposuction alternatives with natural lipo alternatives

The truth is there are more good results from liposuction than bad, but when bad stories surface they are usually very damaging to the cosmetic industry.  People or patients always remember bad.  It has been said that a happy customer tells one other person, but an unhappy customer will tell 9.  So a smart doctor will always strive to have happy patients. Many of the bad liposuction results are totally preventable with the person simply being more careful.

Many but not all of the bad results seen on TV are a result of trying to save money and going with a cheaper doctor or clinic that cuts corners.  Sometimes the patient waits too long to go back and report problems to the doctor.  Some of the main things that cause a patient to be unhappy are the area not being smoothed and a “lumpy” look instead.  These clumpy looking areas may cause the patient to look heavier instead of thinner and thus horrifying the patient.

Skimping on the cost of a surgeon is one of the main reasons behind bad liposuction results. In most places, the best of the best are also the most expensive. When hiring a liposuction surgeon, you want to look for and be willing to pay for the best available. Using an inexperienced or cheaper surgeon means running the risk of bad results.

Some of the more serious bad results seen are: nerve problems, tissue perforations, severe and prolonged edema, constant pain, blotchy skin, sarcomas, third spacing, fluid shifts, thrombo-embolisms (blood clots mainly in the legs), scaring, infections and cardiac problems.  When patients fail to divulge the full list of medications, drugs and supplements they are taking to their surgeon, the surgeon cannot take action to prevent bad results.

Some of the other bad results from liposuction procedures will include accidental organ perforations.  Some doctors will accidentally damage internal organs and thus causing the patient to have major complications and an emergency situation.  Other things that can go wrong are when the doctor fails to allow for proper drainage after the procedure.  By not allowing proper drainage, the patient can become infected and very ill. Where is all the pus and medications going if there is no drainage?

Normal drainage takes around three days.  If the patient has blood in their urine or blood being drained from their incisions, it is time to see a doctor right away.  You will see hundreds of horror stories on the internet and stories of bad doctors that were used, but most of these stories are surrounded by bad choices being made by patients also.  Choosing a doctor with a long line of patients and referrals will assure you of having less complications and better treatment before and after the procedure.  Although there are ways to prevent bad results, the best alternative just may be to avoid liposuction altogether.

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