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Liposuction for Men Treatments

Liposuction and other types of cosmetic treatments have long been regarded as procedures designed to help women. But in today’s world where success and health is associated with looking slim, liposuction for men has become a common occurrence. More men are finding themselves consulting with cosmetic surgeons on how they could benefit from medical procedures such as liposuction for men.

Common areas to target for men include the ever troublesome belly area. Advancing age goes hand in hand with slowing metabolism making it easier for fat to be deposited in this problem area. This makes keeping the abdominal area toned and free from cellulite deposits harder even with the best diets.

Liposuction is one of the most common practiced cosmetic surgeries. This is because both men and women are prone to depositing fats in the belly area. A simple liposuction procedure however could eliminate stubborn cellulite deposits making it the quickest methods of regaining those six pack abs.

Many would think that liposuction is only performed on large areas of fat deposits. However, it could also be performed on the neck, chin and face. Men who suffer from double chin for example could use liposuction to bring back their chin’s natural contour. This procedure exposes the face’s natural contour for that manly look.

Liposuction is commonly regarded as an aesthetic treatment. This is regarded as a cosmetic procedure that produces no real health benefits. Large amounts of fat deposits are a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Bringing your weight down and removing cellulite deposits immediately improves a person’s health.

Liposuction is also performed for men suffering from gynecomastia or male breasts. This is caused by a hormonal imbalance that leaves men with a chest that looks like a woman’s breast. Liposuction is then performed, removing fat deposits restoring their masculine look.

Keeping ourselves healthy is a priority for both men and women. And liposuction is just one of the methods that help people achieve their ideal weight and look great at the same time.

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What Can Body Contouring Do For Me?

Bariatric surgery has become a popular method of losing weight quickly for the thousands of people suffering from weight problems today. But losing weight is not the only problem they face, one of the side effects seen after bariatric surgery is the loose skin visible after removing the fat deposits in the body. Aside from the unsightly appearance of hanging skin, these may also cause health problems if not taken care of properly. However, even when the proper steps are taken, the skin sometimes becomes sore and irritated that they begin to affect activities of daily life.

Society has placed great value on being slim, creating pressure on simple individuals to thin down just to look attractive. The reality is that people are just too busy at work or finishing their chores at home that they have little or no time left to exercise. Because of this, many of these people have turned to alternative methods just to lose weight or look attractive.

Cosmetic surgeons and medical professionals are currently developing alternative methods as a way of treating skin problems. Body contouring has become so common that 50,000 procedures were done last year in the US. The numbers of people undergoing this medical procedure is also expected to rise as information about body contouring and its benefits become available, making more people turn to them instead of traditional exercise and diet programs. Body contouring has its own share of risks and side effects but these pales in comparison to the benefits.

Excessive weight loss causes lose skin to appear where fat deposits were originally located. The fact is that no amount of diet or exercise can eliminate excess skin. Body contouring on the other hand removes excess fat deposits while eliminating the chance of developing loose skin with a shorter recovery time.

Infection is a possibility with any type of medical procedure but the common side effects seen in body contouring are pain, inflammation, nausea and tenderness in the affected area. These are temporary and usually disappear within a week or two after treatment. Body contouring does not eliminate your weight problems permanently. Proper diet and living a healthy diet is important for keeping yourself fit and looking great. The next time you consider undergoing expensive and out of insurance-coverage plastic surgeries why not talk to a health professional to find out about the benefits of body contouring procedures.

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Liposuction for men

Most cosmetic procedures have naturally been associated with women. Men, however, are showing increased interest in liposuction and other cosmetic procedures that sculpt the body. Many treatment centers now cater to both men and women, acknowledging the particular target areas that men in general want to sculpt and tone. The cost for male liposuction is a bit higher than the cost for liposuction for women. The main reason for that is that the fat that makes up the male physique is more fibrous than a woman’s fat. This makes it a bit more difficult to be removed. The target areas for men (chest, abdomen, love handles) also contain fat that is more fibrous. Men are also generally larger than women, so the treatment area is larger. Price varies on the treatment area and how much fat is removed.

Besides surgical liposuction, the liposuction without surgery options are also becoming very popular by men. One in particular is called Thermage, which is in demand by both men and women. Using a heated laser, it melts away fat and promotes tighter skin. Thermage is considered to be a pain-free option and can also be used as a facelift procedure. Natural alternatives to liposuction work well for removing excess fat, which is often found in the form of love handles. Lipo without surgery is a valid option for men as well as women and can help tone and tighten your skin. If you are a male interested in liposuction, consider the variety of lipo without surgery options on the market and choose one that fits your budget and personal needs.

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Shoulder Liposuction

Hate your shoulders? Try liposuction!
Hate your shoulders? Try liposuction!

There are many parts of our bodies that we commonly associate with cosmetic procedures like liposuction, such as breasts, stomachs, faces, thighs, and upper arms. However, how many of us have considered our shoulders to be unattractive and decided to investigate procedures designed to correct shoulder appearance?

The fact is that shoulders can accumulate fat just like the rest of our bodies, sometimes requiring liposuction to correct. Although not one of the more popular procedures, shoulder liposuction is making progressions in the medical field as a way to begin to look more toned and healthy, according to experts.

Shoulder liposuction includes an injection of anesthesia into the shoulder. Next, a handful of incisions are made in non-visible areas like the natural creases and shadowy areas. Like liposuction in other body areas, the fat can then be sucked out with a cannula. For more stubborn fat pockets, laser treatments may be necessary first.

This type of liposuction is not for everyone. If you are currently overweight or obese, it is not for you. It is recommended only for those who are already at their ideal body weight and in good overall health. There is almost no downtime, though, and very little pain. Although anti-inflammatory and pain medicines are usually prescribed, they are not always necessary for recovery, and almost all swelling and bruising are completely gone within 2 weeks of the procedure.

The cost of shoulder liposuction is comparable to other types of cosmetic surgery procedures, and averages between $4,000 and $10,000, depending on the usual factors. This includes plastic surgeon, location of surgery, amount of fat to be removed, anesthesia, and similar affecting factors.

If you believe that shoulder liposuction is right for you, speak with a doctor or plastic surgeon to determine the best course of action. Anyone in the market for a plastic surgeon for this type of procedure should be sure to study all of the potential risks and benefits involved before a consultation, and be sure to certify credentials of each potential plastic surgeon before scheduling the procedure.

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The Recent Surge in Male Interest

Liposuction is not just for the girls!
Liposuction is not just for the girls!

Cosmetic surgery, weight loss programs and alternatives, and anything related to them is usually considered to be tailored for the female demographic. Recent years have seen a sudden surge in male interest in the world of cosmetic improvement products. Men are suddenly more concerned with excess fat, wrinkles, receding hairlines, and obtaining a more appealing appearance. Some claim this is due to the pressure of the celebrity world, to which we are constantly exposed perfect bodies on men and women who are well past the middle age point. Other claims state that it is partially due to the denial of mortality, the inability to accept inevitable death which in turn makes a person want to retain their youth.

Among the male demographic worldwide, men are more likely to seek cosmetic surgery or alternatives as a way to improve their appearance. Statistics shown on state that 84% of male survey participants believed their physical appearance directly affects their power in their jobs and their success.

Women have leaned their favour towards body sculpting procedures, reducing fat and cellulite. For women, it is more about improving how they feel about themselves. Men, on the other hand, tend to feel that their appearance is directly linked to their success and power in their field of work. The majority of men who seek cosmetic surgery are white collar workers, such as company executives. Often they feel that a young appearance is directly linked to how their superiors perceive them.

The most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries among men are face lifts, which tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, forehead lifts, cosmetic eyelid surgery which reduces the tired and worn out appearance which so commonly appears as men age and liposuction. The most popular sculpting procedures include Rhinoplasty, and chin or jaw augmentation. These surgeries help reconstruct these zones into a more desirable shape and can greatly improve a man’s self worth.

There is absolutely no definitive evidence that a man’s physical appearance actually does affect his power or success within his job, but many men feel that the two are directly linked. Similarly, many women feel that their weight directly affects their career successes although there is absolutely no evidence of the statement. Cosmetic surgery will most certainly not guarantee success for anyone in any measure, but the procedures are designed to help a patient feel better about them selves and to increase their self confidence, which DOES directly affect one’s success. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, it is important to research every aspect of the surgery and seek an experienced surgeon.

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