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Abdominoplasty Guide

Burn Stomach FatAbdominoplasty or the tummy tuck is the 4th most popular procedure in the US cosmetic industry. It was chosen by 149, 410 Americans in 2011. Most of tummy tuck patients are women, taking the 95% of the procedures while the remaining 4.5% are goes to male clients.

Most tummy tuck clients are those that have problems with their abdomen not answering to any diet or an exercise they do. And most often, tummy tucks are requested by women in their post pregnancy stages who wants their excess kin and flabs removed.

The procedure removes extra fat in the tummy, removes excess skin and tightens the muscles along the abdominal wall.

Who Can Benefit Most from the Procedure?

Both men and women can request a tummy tuck. As long as you are in good health, you may be evaluated as a candidate.

Women who have had several pregnancies can benefit more from the procedure since it can help tighten abdominal muscles lessened by the pregnancies. It can also be good for those people who have lost weight, men and women who were once obese.

Some woman though who are planning to get pregnant then you may try to postpone the procedure. It should be the last resort and not just an easy way out.

Preparing for the Surgery

First, you have to know the person you will entitling your life into. Your doctor should be licensed professional and well trained fro the procedure. Here are some tips for you.

  1. Talk for alternatives with your doctor.
  2. Stop smoking for a while two weeks or more before the procedure since it can induce complications later.
  3. Choose between complete abdominoplasty and a partial abdominoplasty.
  4. Avoid drastic dieting, stick on healthy foods since it can help you heal better later.
  5. Open to your doctor about the medications you are taking since they might go against the procedure and might cause complications. Some education of your may need t be stopped prior t the surgery.
  6. Prepare things you may need after going home from surgery such as ice packs, comfortable clothing, petroleum jelly, hand held shower and a companion to help ease out your movements during your post op time.

The Procedure

The procedure is performed in the hospital. Tummy tuck requires a general anesthesia and can last between one to three hours. You can be outpatient until your doctor require otherwise.

  1. First incision is made above the pubic bone in the lower of your abdomen
  2. Second incision as done in the navel.
  3. Excess skin is taken away.
  4. Then the muscles in the abdomen will be tightened.
  5. The incisions will be stitched back together.
  6. You’ll stay until anesthesia wear off and go home or you may take the next two days under the doctor’s eyes in the hospital.

Post Op Tips

There are things you may need to do to ensure that you had a successful procedure. Here are some tips.

  1. Rest after the procedure.
  2. Follow doctor’s orders such as taking your medications.
  3. Avoid vigorous activities.
  4. Wear a compression garment to minimize bruising and swelling if the doctor advised you to.
  5. Eat healthy, avoid smoking and alcohol yet.
  6. Apply cold compress once pain sets in or take some pain medication as advised by your doctor.
  7. GO to your doctor right away if you notice some abnormal happenings with your operation like bleeding, excessive pain, excessive swelling and infection.

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck price for one procedure may vary depending on your needs or the amount of job to be done.  Between $6000 and $8000 (AUD) is its common estimate. Tummy tuck is considered a cosmetic procedure thus it can’t be honored by most insurance companies.

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Going Natural, Healthy Alternatives to Liposuction

Explore liposuction alternatives.
Explore liposuction alternatives.

Each year in the United States, almost half a million people get liposuction. After all it remains to be the fastest way to trim down and instantly remove fat cells.  The number of fat cells in the body doesn’t change when you lose weight through diet and exercise, the fat cells just shrink. Do you think this expensive and painful procedure is worth it?


If you want to remove unwanted fat from specific areas, then liposuction is the answer. A small incision is done in the skin then a narrow tube is put inside the skin and the fat is cleansed out. While this procedure of removing fat instantly sounds like a perfect solution, there are still flaws to this procedure.

The possible complications of this procedure are: infection, fat or blood clots which can migrate to the lungs and cause death, excessive fluid loss, friction burns, damage to the skin or nerves, perforation injury to the vital organs and unfavorable drug interactions.

There are also possible post-operative side effects that include: pain, burning, swelling, bleeding, temporary numbness and feeling anxious or depressed.

It is found that even though liposuction removed up to 12% of body weight, a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine, it did not decrease the risk of heart disease or diabetes as you would when losing weight through diet and exercise. The number of fat cells in the body is reduced by liposuction but it does not decrease the amount of fat that is left in the remaining fat cells.

Natural Liposuction

Making lasting lifestyle changes is the way to achieve weight loss and overall well-being. Include healthy eating and right exercise into your daily routine and you will get yourself into shape in no time.


A hormonally and calorically balanced diet will allow you to lose weight safely and effectively. You will also include a variety of fresh, wholesome foods.

Having the right combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats is what hormonal balance means. You should be consuming 40% of your calories from protein, 30% from carbohydrates and 30% from fat for accelerated weight loss. You should consume 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 30% fats for a slower, continual weight loss.

Your proteins should include lean proteins such as soy, chicken, fish and extra lean meats. Your carbohydrates should come from vegetable, fruits, whole grains and legumes. Your fats should be good fats like flax oil, olive oil, fish oils, seeds and nuts. And don’t forget water. It is essential for life as well as for weight loss even though it does not fall into any of these categories. Being hydrated will help with weight loss.

Having the right amount of calories to maintain your body functions while still allowing you to lose weight is what caloric balance means. Each person is different that’s why the number of calories you require each day differs.


Toning up and burning calories requires a regular exercise routine. Exercise will increase your metabolism and it provides many other health benefits.


Taking the right supplement is important. There are supplements that are unsafe and promise unrealistic results. It is difficult to choose one that is safe and effective. Consult your doctor for help.

This should not discourage you from considering liposuction. It remains to be a safe and proven way of helping remove excess fat deposits quickly. Going the natural route is the best way of slimming down and keeping fats at bay in the future. However, the choice remains to be yours.


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How Can Alcohol Sabotage your Weight Loss Efforts?

ID-100204953The holidays and alcohol are one of the sure fire ways to derail even the most serious weight loss program. Most of us are unaware about the dangers posed by alcohol to our weight loss efforts simply because there are too many conflicting information with regards to alcohol usage.

People have found many reasons to drink alcohol or at least justify it as some sort of miracle drink that could melt your fat problems away. Alcohol if taken in moderation or just one mere serving a day could lower levels of bad cholesterol. But there are far healthier ways to do this aside from drinking alcohol.

Some people even say that alcohol has a nutritional value of its own but this is entirely untrue. Alcohol contains empty calories and can actually prevent nutrients from being taken by the body. In extreme cases this could lead to malnutrition.

  • Blood Sugar – Alcohol can affect the connection between metabolism and blood sugar levels. Alcohol stays in our system and could not be entirely metabolized by the body. It also negatively affects your body’s ability to produce glucose which is dangerous for diabetics.
  • Alcohol slows metabolism – drinking too much alcohol can make you feel the world is slowing down. This does not only affect our mental state. It can also lower our metabolism making it difficult for our bodies to process carbohydrates, proteins and fats. As a result, fats are stored and useless calories from alcohol all add up to weight gain.
  • Messes up your diet – alcohol can have a significant effect on our mental processes and judgment. If you were able to stave off your food cravings, a few sips of alcohol can lower your guard down. Bar snacks and foods usually served with alcohol is a dieter’s nightmare. These usually contain high levels of fat and could be very tasty when taken with alcohol. Drinking alcohol could make refusing such foods very difficult.
  • Binge drinking – the fastest way to lose control of your diet is when you make excuses such as binge drinking. If you’re really serious about losing weight then you should consider every extra calorie you take. Our body has to break down alcohol immediately. Alcohol drinks may contain the same amounts of calories as a regular meal but it doesn’t contain any nutritional value.
  • Dehydrates and malnutrition – drinking the right amounts of water is vital for weight loss. If you start replacing water with alcohol, you lose its many benefits. Water helps detoxify your body and is essential for many body processes including metabolism.
  • Reduces testosterone levels – this hormone is essential for muscle building and fat burning. Both of which are essential for reducing weight. Whenever you reduce testosterone in the body, you make it harder for yourself to replace fats with muscles and burn it out of your system.

Striking a balance:

The goal of any healthy weight loss program is to establish a lasting health regimen. A healthy diet tries to incorporate both your lifestyle and eating habits which includes an occasional social drink. Be sure to plan for holidays. Not only do you have to consider the extra fats and calories but also a drink or too. Alcohol contains calories and should also be factored in your weight loss program.

Be constantly aware of your calorie intake by practicing control not only with your food intake but also with your drinks. If you can’t avoid beer, try switching to light versions. There will never be a shortage of celebrations where drinking alcohol is unavoidable. Just be sure that you are always in control of the amount of alcohol taken.

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Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction

Numerous developments have been made in the field of weight loss procedures. Modern medical techniques such as liposuction have made it possible to eliminate stubborn fat deposits quickly. But liposuction still remains to be a procedure that has its own share of risks and complications. Hence, the need for alternative weight loss methods that is safer and gentler.

Water-jet assisted liposuction is one of the alternative techniques that aim to provide the benefits of traditional liposuction without its risks. It is a gentle and less invasive procedure that uses pressurized water to dislodge fat. Some of its advantages include:

–          Less invasive

–          Faster recovery

–          Gentler, less painful

–          Produces great results

The main difference between traditional liposuction and water-jet assisted liposuction is that it utilizes a pulsating spray of liquid to remove stubborn fat deposits. It loosens fat from connective tissues thru the action of liquids and eliminates them. The direct result is a weight loss technique that produces less tissue trauma and bruising while providing excellent results.

Body-jet liposuction introduces gentle pulses of fluid into the body using a cannula.

With Body-Jet liposuction, the doctor simultaneously introduces gentle pulses of fluid into the body while dislodging and removing fat using a cannula. Unlike laser-based liposuction, it uses the action of pressurized water to gently remove cellulite deposits while minimizing trauma. The procedure effectively removes fluids simultaneously as it is introduced.

Advantages of water-jet assisted liposuction:

Water-jet assisted liposuction is a gentler procedure compared to other types of liposuction. It could be done with minimal downtime and produces less discomfort. It is performed under local anesthesia eliminating the dangers associated with general anesthesia. Because it is less invasive, people are able to recover more quickly and return to their daily routines. It is also more targeted hence, providing excellent results.

Who is an ideal candidate for water-jet assisted liposuction?

Any liposuction procedure becomes more risky with every pound that the patient is over their ideal weight. Ideal candidates for water-jet assisted liposuction should be in good health and not more than 25 pounds over their ideal weight. People suffering from persistent localized fat deposits that are resistant to exercise could obtain the best results from treatment.

Areas for treatment:

Water-jet assisted could safely remove cellulite deposits from almost any trouble spot in the body. It could safely treat almost any area because it is gentler and less invasive. Common areas for treatment includes the arms, thighs, chin, knees, hips and abdomen.

What makes it different from traditional liposuction?

Water-jet assisted liposuction utilizes pulses of fluids with saline to gently remove fat deposits. This produces lesser trauma compared to the suctioning motion in traditional liposuction. Standard liposuction also requires a lengthy period for introducing tumescent fluids into the target area. Water-jet assisted liposuction also uses fluids during the procedure but less medication is needed. These however, are used to minimize discomfort and manage bleeding.

The procedure minimizes the amount of fluid at any given time. It gives the surgeon a better perspective on how the procedure is going. This makes water-jet assisted liposuction better in some ways compared to other alternative procedures.

Patients could return to their normal daily activities in as little as a few days. Because treatment produces less pain and healing is quicker. Like any type of liposuction treatment, fat cells removed don’t grow back. Any weight gain could be traced to untreated areas of the body.

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Tumescent Liposuction – Weighing your Options

Medical science has brought many innovations to quick and effective weight loss. Liposuction surgery continues to be the pioneers in terms of this type of treatment but liposuction alternatives are quickly catching up as a popular method of eliminating stubborn body fat.

How is it performed?

Tumescent liposuction is a modern weight loss method that offers the benefits of traditional liposuction without its associated risks. It is generally safer and only requires local anesthesia. This procedure utilizes epinephrine and diluted local anesthesia. This is injected into the target areas which firm and swells tissue around the area. The epinephrine also acts to constrict the capillaries and blood vessels to minimize bleeding and hasten recovery period.

When the target area is desensitized, the surgeon makes a small incision where the cannula will be inserted. Once inserted, a vacuum sucks out stubborn fat deposits and eliminated. The small incision is closed after the procedure.

Recovery and after care

The patient is assessed after the operation. An elastic comprehension garment is used to keep pressure on the area to prevent bleeding. It is also used to promote proper healing and hasten wound recovery time. The anesthesia usually loses its effects after surgery and the patient would experience pain and discomfort. However, the surgeon usually prescribed anti inflammatory medications for managing pain and swelling.

Patients could return to their normal daily activities with as little as a few days after treatment. Ample rest and a healthy diet are advised to promote faster recovery. Patients are also advised to ambulate as soon as they can to promote blood circulation and prevent blood clots.

Surgeons usually advise their patients to refrain from strenuous activities a few days after surgery. This is to prevent the wound from opening and bleeding. Proper wound care is also recommended to prevent wound infection.

Advantages of Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is similar in principle to traditional liposuction surgery but differs in some details. First, it uses local anesthesia in lieu of general anesthesia which significantly lowers risks and complications. Because it is less invasive, patients could be discharged after the procedure. This significantly reduces the costs of the weight loss treatment since expensive hospital stay is eliminated. According to some experts, tumescent liposuction is more efficient in body sculpting since it is able to harden target areas for more precise fat removal.

The patients are awake during the procedure decreasing the fears associated with surgery. It is less stressful and less tasking. Medical complications and risks are also reduced making it safer compared to liposuction.

Even with the best practices, this does not eliminate some of the direct results of surgery. This includes tissue trauma on the target area, pain, swelling and scarring. Tumescent liposuction however, is safer compared to traditional liposuction.

Who are ideal candidates?

This is ideal for people who are near their ideal weight. A common misconception is that liposuction could be done on anybody. But the risks of surgery increases with every pound a patient is above their ideal weight. Surgeons recommend patients to decrease their weight before undergoing surgery.

Whatever the choice, traditional or alternative liposuction, it is best that you determine what procedure works best for you. Consult with your personal physician to help determine the safest and healthiest way to eliminate those unwanted fat deposits.

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