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Gynaecomastia – Male Breast Reduction

Weight Loss--A Common Goal
Gynaecomastia, the male breast emulating the appearance of female breasts condition, is more alarming in case of emotional and psychological aspect than physical.
In the study of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons headed by Dr. Brian Labow, boys can be affected by adverse psychological effects at an early age even with just a mild case of gynaecomastia.
Gynaecomastia can be cured or remedied through male breast reduction.
Negative Psychosocial Effects of Gynaecomastia
The study above yielded a clear result; gynaecomastia can affect boys, even men, in terms of psychological and emotional aspects. The boys who were the subjects of the study had low scores in term so standard quality of life assessment. They even have lower scores in physical health, being most of them over weight. The study has compared results to those boys who took the test but don’t have the condition.
The reason behind the negative thinking over the condition is the idea that we have been reared in society that has breast as a standard anatomy part of women, not of men.  Men and boys find it adversative to being male and being masculine.
Due to that, they experience problems socially, emotionally and psychologically, the men and boys suffering from male breast enlargement. The adverse effects of gynaecomastia psychosocially can be found below:
  1. Low self esteem is observed.
  2. Social relationship is impaired.
  3. Tendency to wear different clothes to hide the lumps and be considered different from the rest.
  4. Ridicule and bullying from people around you can be demeaning.
  5. Withdrawal from people and low assessment of body image.
These can be overcome once the condition has been addressed. Surgery and losing weight are two of the most popular remedy for the condition.
Physical and Medical Suppositions of Gynecomastia
At the age of 14, 60% of boys have gynaecomastia.  This is due to the increase of estrogen during this stage.
Mostly, men who have the male breast enlargement syndrome are on the overweight side of the scale. On the other hand, gynaecomastia or male breast enlargement or not, male are still susceptible to breast cancer.

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Eliminating Bad Cholesterol the Natural Way

Diet pills that really workClose to half of the US population has been found to have unhealthy cholesterol levels. And almost 1 out of 3 Americans have  unhealthy LDL or bad cholesterol. LDL is known as the unhealthy cholesterol. The higher the cholesterol you have, the greater your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure.
The waxy and the fat like substance that is found in every cell in the body passes through the bloodstream, in forms of lipoprotein. Lipoproteins are packages that are made of fat on the inside and proteins on the outside. Cholesterol can be grouped into two, the low density lipoproteins or the LDL and the high density lipoprotein or the HDL. The LDL is more commonly known as the bad cholesterol while the HDL is more commonly known as HDL.
Since the high level of cholesterol may result to clogged arteries, arteries covered with plaque restricting blood flow, heart attack, stroke and other arterial disease, it would be very right to start lowering it by eating the right food.
Foods to Combat the LDL
75% of a body’s cholesterol is made by ones liver while 25% comes from the food that one eats. Maintaining cholesterol can be tricky especially with the food and tempting things around us. What may raise bad cholesterol involves full fat dairy, fat in meats and trans fat from baked goods. So here is a list you can use.
Oily Fish
Oily fish seems to be the top choice for this. Since oily fish contains omega-3, cholesterol busting polyunsaturated fats, it has become a major choice to address certain conditions in the body. Omega-3 is known to keep heart healthy, to reduce inflammation in the body and to prohibit pain.
Flaxseed and Chia Seed
Chia and Flaxseed contains the same component of oily fish above, the omega-3. The difference is it comes from a (more…)

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The Dark and Healthy Side of Cholesterol

Bad cholesterol

The World Health Organization listed Iceland, Andorra, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, France, Norway and Netherlands as countries that has the highest prevalence of cholesterol among its population among countries all over the world. In the second level, came countries like Austria, Australia and the US. The country which has the lowest level of cholesterol among its population is Niger which is at 15.2 contrasting Iceland’s 69.8.

Although cholesterol is needed by the body, the prevalence of its bad side in the health system may result to some serious medical conditions.

Cholesterol or the soft and waxy lipid is naturally found in the blood stream and the body cells. It cannot be dissolved by the blood but is important in cell membrane production and in some hormone production.

SO if cholesterol is helping in the body production of cell membranes and hormones, why is it labeled and avoided by majority of the population? Because cholesterol has a bad side and it’s in the form of LDL, and the good side which is the HDL.

Cholesterol Prevalence

1 in every 6 Americans has high total cholesterol. And 1 in 3 adult Americans have unhealthy levels of the bad cholesterol. But cholesterol level can be a bit of a thief in the night since it offers no symptoms. Many people are always unaware that they have it only to know later when they have been diagnosed of a far risky medical condition such as heart problems, diabetes or high blood pressure.

And more often, women are more prone to high cholesterol level than men according to numbers.

Good and the bad definition are used to label two types of cholesterol that is the LDL and the HDL.

Bad Cholesterol

The Low-density lipoprotein or the LDL is the commonly known as the bad cholesterol.  When there is too much LDL in the blood, it can build up in the inner walls of the arteries. And with other substances, it can build up and form a plaque. The plaque is the thick deposit that narrows arteries and making them stiff and less flexible. A clot then can likely form and block the narrowed artery which can result to heart attack or stroke.

The amount of LDL in your blood is increased by the saturated fat and the cholesterol you consume.

Good Cholesterol

The High-density lipoprotein or the commonly known as HDL is the good cholesterol. HDL, opposite to LDL, helps protect a person from heart attack. But once your HDL go low, you find yourself at risk of heart disease. Medical experts say that HDL carries away cholesterol from the arteries back to the liver. When it reaches the level, it will be flushed away from the body. It is even purported to remove the excess cholesterol in the arterial plaque and can slow down its build up.

Recommended Cholesterol Level

The total cholesterol level that is desirable for the body is below 200. Once it is more than that, it can be unhealthy. The optimal LDL that your body should have should only be at below 100mmol/L. for HDL, you should have 60 or even higher. Once you have your HDL at below 40, then you should start doing some things to raise it.

The Good and the Bad

The foods that are rich in HDL, which you should increase in your diet, include all foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 rich foods include flax seed, oily fish such as tuna, mackerel and salmon. Foods with fiber such as grain, oats, bran and soy are recommended as well.

On the other hand, foods that are rich in Trans fat should be avoided. They include white sugar and flour, eggs, kidney, dairy such as cheese and alcohol.

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Simple New Year Changes for Keeping Cellulite Deposits at Bay

Cellulite treatmentWhat comes in your mind when you hear the word cottage cheese? What about orange peel? Are you imagining a weird cottage cheese and orange peel salad or are you thinking about the tops of your thigh, a relative’s thigh or a celebrity’s thigh?

Women over 30 have a 90% chance to be afflicted at one time or another by cellulite. Millions each year are spent fighting cellulite on anti-cellulite creams alone. And wait, there’s more than just creams to tempt us. There are a lot of choices as far as anti-cellulite treatments go.

You can get rid of cellulite deposits by electric currents; you can have injections of homeopathic substances in your bottom; you can be hit by rollers, suction pads and all manner of other implements. You can also sit in a space-age pod; you can be cloaked in seaweed and cling film; you may also want to drink anti-cellulite tea; you can stick to caffeine-loaded anti-cellulite patches on your skin;

Those were pretty impressive lists of treatments for something many scientists claim doesn’t exist, and which the British Medical Journal labels a “non-disease”. As far as cellulite is concerned, in the medical profession, it has two schools of thoughts.

First cellulite is the polite term of saying “fat”, this is a huge con created by the cosmetics industry to part us from our money. You should know that, “Cellulite is no different from any other sort of body fat”, “babies have cellulite too”, and you’d better be off saving your money and walking up the stairs than bothering with any of the hundreds of anti-cellulite creams or treatments on offer. That’s what the doubters think.

Second, it consists of those in the beauty and cosmetics industry spending an awful lot of time, money and energy trying to find a cure. We’re not talking here about those greedy multinationals, but otherwise some respectable types such as doctors and scientists.

Eat a clean, alkaline, unprocessed diet

In order to remove toxins from your body, you must first draw them out from where they have accumulated cells, tissues and organs.

You have to consume alkaline forming foods. The largest part of your diet should consist of fruits and vegetables.

The key here is to steadily increase your fresh produce consumption so that you don’t magnetize out more toxicity than the body can remove. Otherwise, the toxins will just re-circulate and then re-settle. If you want to minimize cellulite and flood your body with alkalinity, get into fresh vegetable juicing.

Hydrate and Flush

Drinking enough pure, clean water and organic hydrations from fresh fruits and vegetables will flush out toxins in your body. Water is important to life and it is also important in reducing and preventing cellulite.

Just look at the effects of dehydration: shriveled, lumpy, aged. This doesn’t make a cellulite free body with smooth, supple skin.

You have to drink pure water every day when you wake up. If you don’t like water straight up, put some lemon or lemon slices.

Avoid coffee and tea as much as possible. But if you can’t resist them, drink enough water and fresh vegetable juice to counter its dehydrating effects and acidity.

Swap your salt

Swap your refined salt for Celtic sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt. Refined salt is acidic and it leaches minerals from your body.

Moving and Sweating

When you exercise, you are also expelling toxins through your skin. This is another avenue of elimination that is best not ignored if you want to get rid of cellulite.

These are few of the tips to reduce cellulite. Choose one to start and make it a daily habit. Just keep doing this and you’ll see the results.

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How Omega 3 Helps in Weightloss

167px-Fish-oil_omega_3Many of us may not be aware about the benefits of Omega 3 in our weight loss efforts. We’re all aware of the importance of eating a healthy diet in curbing and burning excess fats. How many times did you plan to start a diet? Everyone is talking about diet, and then you start picking up low fat or nonfat food in the grocery. But there are certain types of fat that are beneficial to weight loss and this includes Omega 3.

The Science behind Omega 3

Studies have shown that taking fish oil and doing regular exercises can help in weight loss. A study conducted by the University of South Australia on 75 overweight and obese people with some suffering from cardiovascular disease was split into four groups.

The half was given doses of tuna oil and another was given sunflower oil with the same amount without omega 3. Then, they were again split into four groups. The half group was not doing any exercise while the other groups did 45 minute runs with a 75% maximum heart rate every week. This entire group did not change their diet.

Three weeks later, little change was shown by three of the groups, while those given fish oil who did exercises showed a decrease in body fat percentage at an average of 2kg weight loss. What is impressive with this study is that there is no change in their eating habits.

How Omega 3 Helps

Omega 3 fish oil improves the flow of blood to the muscles and it helps stimulate enzymes during exercise. It also transports fat to where it can be used up for energy.

The Omega 3 fish oil diet has a lot of health advantages. We all know that Omega 3 helps improves our brain and heart, arthritis and skin disorder. It also keeps our eyes from getting dry. It prevents allergies, strokes and diabetes. An Omega 3 rich diet helps in weight loss as it involves fewer calories. Omega 3 rich foods makes you fell full and you will not crave to eat.

We can’t produce Omega 3 fatty acids. We can only get this by nutritional intake. Fish oil is its main and most absorbable source. Cereals, eggs, poultry and margarine contains omega 6 which is the other main essential fatty acid.

There are foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids like pasture-raised meats, Omega 3 enriched dairy foods, Omega 3 enriched eggs, edamame, wild rice, walnuts, canola oil, flax, beans and sustainable seafood.

Aside from this major benefit of Omega 3, it is been found out that it reduce incidence of breast cancer. The Omega 3 consumption of a mother during pregnancy lowered the daughter’s risk of developing breast cancer.

Taking Omega 3 fish oil on the first trimester of your pregnancy also helps brain development for your baby. But, you should be very careful in choosing what brand of fish oil to take. Fish oil made from sharks is sometimes harmful because of the lead and mercury content that they have. You should choose those fish oil made from anchovies because anchovies don’t live for very long that’s why they don’t get a chance to soak up toxins.

There are tips in choosing the best fish oil supplement. You should ask for a certificate of analysis. This is a certificate that tells the details on what’s in the fish oil and not. You should buy products that are tested by a third party. They test fish oil supplements and published a detailed analysis of the result. Pharmaceutical grade fish oil is highly recommended.

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