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Ankle Liposuction

Get Rid of Cankles
Get Rid of Cankles

Problem areas are not generally one-size-fits-all scenarios that can easily be summed up with a few types of surgical procedures. In many cases, each individual has unique needs and requests that should—and can—be addressed for that person, unlike any other person. For example: Mary comes in with a desire for breast augmentation and thigh liposuction. Jane comes in for a consultation next. Should the plastic surgeon assume that Jane also needs augmentation and liposuction in the same places? Obviously not.

There are specific reviews and articles aimed at liposuction for hips, thighs, legs, arms, shoulders, face, breast, tummy, back, and buttocks. Now, there is hope for the many men and women who suffer from cankles. “Cankles” are that pesky area where the lower calf meets the ankle. For some people, no amount of leg exercise, even at the gym, seems to make the area more defined and attractive. Whether the calf is thin or chunky, it can seem to blend with the ankle, making the leg lose appeal in the opinion of the individual.

Ankle liposuction is defining the area where the calf meets the ankle, contouring the area to make legs look more shapely and toned. Fat is removed from the area, like other traditional liposuction techniques, and there is some very minimal scarring involved. Like any medical procedure, there is some risk of infection or pain, but generally inflammation, swelling, tenderness, bruising, and similar side effects are not very bothersome.

Downtime for this type of surgery average at about three months, depending on how much fat was removed and what type of immune system you have. Those who bounce back faster may recover faster than someone who heals slowly. Factors such as side effects may also play a role in healing time. The area has to be completely healed (normally ninety days or so) in order to see the maximum result of the procedure.

Like any type of cosmetic surgery, the results are not always permanent. Maintaining weight, including proper diet and exercise, is critical. Make sure to use only the services of a board-certified professional to see the best results. Allowing someone who is not experienced with ankle liposuction could result in uneven fat removal and similar problems.

This video explains ankle liposuction and contains some interesting information regarding this procedure.

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