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Diet Pills As A Plastic Surgery Replacement

Losing a very significant amount of weight does not always have to include surgical options such as lap band surgery, gastric bypass surgery, or plastic surgeries such as a tummy tuck. Instead, more and more people each year turn to homeopathic remedies, at-home solutions, and diet pills instead of in- or out-patient procedures. One of the most common alternatives to surgery is the diet pill.

Regardless of whether the FDA has approved the drug, many people will try a new “fad” diet pill just because someone on the radio, Internet, or television claims that it works. This is especially true if the person is a celebrity or other American icon, such as a sports or sports entertainment star. In addition, many people fall for the “all you pay is shipping” gimmick, when, in actuality, you can probably purchase something at a drugstore that has the same ingredients for the same price. Buyers feel like they are getting a deal only paying shipping and handling (processing).

That said, there are diet pills that can help when used as a part of a healthy weight loss plan that includes a proper diet and exercise regime. These should always be cleared by a doctor before you start taking them, however, to make sure that they do not conflict with any medicine or health-care concern that you already have.

A multivitamin is not considered to be a diet pill by most, but it should be included as part of a diet program. They help the body boost metabolism, which helps you burn calories faster. In addition, some also curb cravings or suppress the appetite, more helpful weight loss tools. It is important to find a multivitamin that has what you need, such as those geared for certain genders, ethnic groups, or age ranges.

Colon cleansers can help boost weight loss as well. Most people do not even realize that they can carry as much as 10 pounds of extra weight just in their colons at any given time. Can you imagine how thrilling it is to lose a quick 10 pounds with little work? Although many excellent colon cleansers come in the form of pills and enemas, a diet rich in fiber and plenty of water can do the same thing.

Americans need to stay away from fad diet pills and work on obtaining the body they’ve dreamed of the right way. Instead of turning to get thin quick schemes that often fail, such as pills, plastic surgery, and others, which could be dangerous, a simple diet and exercise plan that you can stick to can work wonders.

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Exercising At Your Desk

At a moment’s notice, most people can recite at least three reasons why working out cannot be worked in to their hectic schedules. We all lead very busy lives, whether as professionals in our field, parents, caregivers, students, or however we choose to fill our schedules. Nonetheless, there is no excuse for not taking care of our bodies, and no real reason why the average man or woman should have to choose liposuction over exercise to lose weight and tighten muscles. It is not that complex to eat a healthy diet and exercise on occasion. As a matter of fact, you can even exercise at your desk as you read this article!

Arm Workout

1.  Arm curls. Sit straight in your chair and place your arm behind your hip (on the same side). Bend and hold this position for a count of ten, then repeat on the other side. Add a water bottle or small weight for increased resistance and maximum results.
2.  Try holding a file or water bottle in one hand and extending your arm toward the ceiling. Hold for a few seconds, and then drop the arm. Repeat for a total of ten repetitions, and start on the other side.
3.  Hold a water bottle or other small object in your hand and stretch your arm to shoulder level, hand out (like a flying motion). Repeat nine times, and switch to the other arm.

Legs &; Hips

1.  Stretch each leg (one at a time) until they reach thigh level. Hold, keeping your muscle tight, for a count of ten, and release. Switch to the other leg, or do both legs at once.
2.  Place feet flat on the floor. Tighten thigh muscle and lift foot off the floor, keeping your knee bent. Hold this position for about 10 seconds, and repeat on the other side.


1.  Give yourself a hug, making sure to sit up straight. Contract your abs and slowly curl your shoulders toward your abs, holding this position for about 10 seconds. Repeat for a total of 10 times per day.


1. Shrug your shoulders toward your ears, and hold in the highest position possible for at least 10 seconds. Relax, and repeat as often as desired.

Note: Do not try to do any exercise that is painful. If a position hurts, stop doing it until you see a doctor. While exercise should tire the muscles in order to strengthen and define them, it should not cause actual physical pain to do any of these simple desk exercises. If your doctor recommends plastic surgery, seek a second opinion and learn the facts.

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Safe & Effective Diet Pills

A pill a day keeps liposuction away...or does it?
A pill a day keeps liposuction away...or does it?

With so many options for diet pills on the wide retail market today, it can be a challenge to be sure that the one you have in mind is a safe and effective alternative to liposuction. While there are many testimonials offered that claim amazing results from these products in incredibly short periods of time, it is important for consumers to be conscious of typical results and the lifestyle that must accompany the use of these products. Many products that are advertised as “All Natural” are not actually monitored under the FDA in the United States and similar administrations in other countries, and may contain ingredients that could be harmful to one’s health.
Here are some steps you can take to ensure that the weight loss aid you choose is safe and effective.

Research reviews on the Internet. The Internet really is a beautiful research tool. Anyone can offer their opinions and experiences on just about anything, and powerful search engines such as Google make it possible to find these web pages. By using a search engine to search for reviews on a particular weight loss product, you can get a general idea of how most people have found it to work.

Be careful of what sites you view, as some manufacturers may have employees to post positive reviews or the site may actually promote use of a particular product without consideration of its health effects.

Try to get a complete list of the product’s ingredients. If this proves to be a challenge, your answer should be simple – don’t take this product. Obviously there is something that the manufacturer is trying to hide. A product that has been deemed safe and effective should have the ingredients proudly displayed on its packaging, or offer information on how to obtain a complete list. Not every alternative to liposuction is safe, and those that are will have nothing to hide.

Consult with your physician.Your doctor is the best person to talk to when it comes to any product that could have any effect on your health whatsoever. Most likely, if you haven’t given a good attempt to lose weight with a healthy lifestyle, your doctor will try to dissuade you from considering over the counter supplements and pills (or plastic surgery) to help you reach that goal. Your doctor can tell you how the product may interact with other medications you take or how it may affect current health conditions, a very important factor to consider.

The safest and most effective way to lose weight isn’t with a pill, a needle or a surgery. It’s very simply healthy living. It takes a long time for results to show up, but they are well worth it and you’ll be in better health when you reach your goal. By tackling your weight loss problem with a healthy frame of mind regarding goals, you can improve your over all physical, emotional and mental state of well being.

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Liposuction Alternatives–Hypnosis?

Can hypnosis increase bust size?
Can hypnosis increase bust size?

There are a huge number of methods that can replace liposuction and similarly invasive procedures at a fraction of the cost and usually without complications. Most of these are not only cost-effective, but require little or no downtime at all, meaning that you can get back to your life much faster. While it is true that a good number of these methods fall under the category of “fad,” some actually work to some degree.

Among these programs is the hypnosis idea, also known as visualization or an imagery technique. The belief that we can change ourselves merely by seeing ourselves as different through visualization may sound absurd, but is actually proven to be successful in some cases. In fact, breast enlargement has been accomplished for some women, and these reportedly have gained up to a full six inches in bust size using hypnosis methods. However, many women report one cup size improvement with the program.

Hypnosis is one of the more expensive of the liposuction alternatives, and sessions typically range for an eight to twelve week period to reach maximum potential. Depending on where you live, total treatment programs (the whole 8-12 weeks) cost on average between $1500 and $4000. This is comparable to traditional liposuction procedures, but without the risks and side effects. Many people are willing to pay the same price for safety and non-invasive techniques.

Do not be fooled into thinking that you have to hire an expensive and busy therapist in order to use hypnosis and similar visualization techniques. There are dozens of audio and traditional books available that can help you accomplish the same purpose from the comfort of your own home for thousands cheaper.

We know that much of our body rejuvenates itself over a period of time, including hair, skin, organs, blood, and more. Why not help our body improve itself in other ways, most often by dozing and letting our subconscious do the work? No needles or injections, no plastic surgery with the risk of complications, and no one ever has to know how you did it

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What Can Body Contouring Do For Me?

Should you consider body contouring?
Should you consider body contouring?

There are literally thousands of people in the United States today who have undergone bariatric surgery (or a similar procedure) to lose a significant amount of weight in a short time period. These same people often find themselves looking for an effective way to shed the excess hanging skin that soon becomes a problem on several different levels. Not only does it look bad, but it can also pose health risks if not kept very clean and taken care of. Even if you are well able to care for yourself, the skin can become sore and irritated, and can begin to interfere with your everyday life.

In our society of supermodels and Hollywood starlet bodies, women (and men) feel an ever-increasing amount of pressure to look very thin and toned. However, many of us simply do not have a lot of time to devote to exercise and weight loss as a general rule. For those, alternative measures become necessary in order to improve self-image and shed the excess skin and fat deposits.

Many cosmetic surgeons have begun devoting a significant amount of surgery time to body contouring as an answer to the skin problem. As a matter of fact, more than 50,000 body-contouring procedures were performed in the United States just last year, and this number is increasing exponentially each year. Though there are a number of risks and benefits involved, body contouring is quickly replacing more traditional exercise and diet programs.

For many, diet and exercise alone are simply not enough to get rid of all of the excess skin after a quick and massive weight loss. Body contouring safely rids them of the skin, all in one go normally, with a minimal amount of recovery time. Although there is a risk of infection with any type of surgery, more common side effects include pain and tenderness, swelling/inflammation, and nausea. These normally subside considerably within the first week or two after the procedure.

Although the patient is required to maintain a healthy weight in order for the results to last, many do not realize this and are then forced to repeat the procedure fairly frequently. Before you choose a plastic surgery procedure that is not covered by insurance, talk to your doctor and find out if body-contouring surgery is right for you.

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