Common Liposuction Alternative Treatments

Liposuction does not have to be you only weight loss alternative!

Based on medical studies, liposuction surgery is one of the top cosmetic surgery procedures being done today. However, with the rising cost of liposuction and people becoming more aware about the dangers of surgery, liposuction alternative treatments have started to take over surgery as the people’s choice.

Mesotherapy, thermage, cyrolipolysis and lipodissolve are just some of the liposuction alternative currently being used today. Although some of the modern alternatives to liposuction like cryolipolysis and mesotherapy are similar in terms of cost to liposuction surgery, they do come on top in terms of safety and permanency of results.

Cryolipolysis one of the new liposuction alternative treatments for example is a groundbreaking medical procedure for removing hard to remove cellulite deposits in the body. The medical procedure is done by “freezing” fat cells which they say hastens the breakdown of these cells from the body. This is yet to get FDA approval and people seeking this type of treatment should not expect it to be available in their local health clinics in the near future.

Another non-invasive liposuction alternative is lipodissolve. Treatment is done by injecting medications and enzymes into problem areas where the cellulite deposits are broken down and flushed thru the urinary system. Mesotherapy is similar to lipodissolve in how they work and choosing between the two is just a matter of patient preference.

Choosing a liposuction alternative can also be based on what part is being targeted. Women seeking to sculpt their face and remove excess fat which has built up thru the years may opt for thermage treatments. These types of procedure are great for targeting fat buildup in the neck and face areas. Thermage is also being used as an alternative facelift surgery treatment.

Some of the new liposuction alternative treatments have yet to get the approval of the medical community as a proven way of removing fat deposits in the body. This is why consulting with your physician before undergoing any extensive medical treatment. If you’re still searching for the safest way of removing those fats in the body, nothing beats going natural like using diet and exercise.

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