Herbal Body Wraps: A Liposuction Alternative

Body wraps are a relaxing,  warm way to melt away unwanted inches and reduce the appearance of cellulite. They also improve the look and feel of skin, making it appear healthier and younger. Body wraps have both therapeutic and cosmetic benefits for most people, but one should beware of overdoing it (like most types of skin treatments). In addition, watch out for allergic reactions, and always ask what ingredients are in the wrap before allowing it to be applied.

Herbal body wraps contain additional herbs and essential oils that help open the pores and remove toxins and loosen excess fluids from the skin. They can be done in a spa (for around $40 a treatment hour) or at home (for a fraction of the cost), depending on how comfortable one is with preparing the mixture and applying it to the skin.

Essential oils are important to an herbal body wrap, and cause marked improvement in the skin. If done correctly, an herbal body wrap can reduce up to 20 inches, depending on the person. The types of oils typically used include:

  • Lavender
  • Sage or rosemary
  • Lemon or lemongrass
  • Sandalwood
  • Olive oil
  • Grapefruit

Herbs are, of course, what gives the herbal body wrap its name and can usually be used individually or in combination. While it is not vital to add an herb or herb mixture to the wrap to make it successful, it can be helpful and can improve the overall effectiveness of the herbal body wrap. Typically used herbs:

  • Alfalfa leaf or leaf powder
  • Ground basil
  • Chamomile powder
  • Rose petals or rose petal powder
  • Rosehips or rosehip powder

Experts recommend staying wrapped in the chosen mixture for between 45 and 60 minutes, followed by a cool or warm bath. Many people choose to lie in the bathtub while letting the mixture soak, as it is very messy. It is important to avoid fatty foods, caffeine, alcohol, fried food, sodas, and similar items for at least 48 hours after the herbal body wrap to maximize results.

Herbal body wraps can be an excellent way to shed those inches, but remember that an improper diet and lack of exercise will cause the inches to come back quickly. While the herbal body wraps are effective, they will not solve underlying issues with weight gain or water retention, and one should always seek the opinion of a doctor or spa professional before attempting to do a wrap from home.

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