Liposuction for men

Most cosmetic procedures have naturally been associated with women. Men, however, are showing increased interest in liposuction and other cosmetic procedures that sculpt the body. Many treatment centers now cater to both men and women, acknowledging the particular target areas that men in general want to sculpt and tone. The cost for male liposuction is a bit higher than the cost for liposuction for women. The main reason for that is that the fat that makes up the male physique is more fibrous than a woman’s fat. This makes it a bit more difficult to be removed. The target areas for men (chest, abdomen, love handles) also contain fat that is more fibrous. Men are also generally larger than women, so the treatment area is larger. Price varies on the treatment area and how much fat is removed.

Besides surgical liposuction, the liposuction without surgery options are also becoming very popular by men. One in particular is called Thermage, which is in demand by both men and women. Using a heated laser, it melts away fat and promotes tighter skin. Thermage is considered to be a pain-free option and can also be used as a facelift procedure. Natural alternatives to liposuction work well for removing excess fat, which is often found in the form of love handles. Lipo without surgery is a valid option for men as well as women and can help tone and tighten your skin. If you are a male interested in liposuction, consider the variety of lipo without surgery options on the market and choose one that fits your budget and personal needs.

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