Liposuction Price Information

One of the biggest debates among those contemplating any type of liposuction is the cost. Of course, this depends mostly on where the liposuction is being performed, how many parts of the body are to be dealt with, who does the procedure, what type of anesthetic is used and by whom, and similar variables.

Many people have more than one area improved at a time, so liposuction price can be significantly higher accordingly. For example, those having a tummy tuck may also elect some type of breast reduction or augmentation, thigh work, or even a lower body lift. In addition, rear-end lifts or augmentations can also be included, raising the cost. The total cost is affected drastically by the number of procedures to be performed at a given time.

On average, those receiving the benefits offered by liposuction should expect to see costs upward of $2000 for one area of the body. The cost may be much higher for several parts of the body, and recovery time will also be potentially extended. Before surgery, be sure to ask what additional fees will need to be included, such as anesthesiologists’ fee, operating room fee, hospital stay fees (if necessary), and similar charges. Insurance does not typically cover liposuction costs to any degree, so be prepared to face the costs without assistance.

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