Mesotherapy as a Liposuction Alternative

belly-fat1We lose all sense of patience when we are trying to lose weight. This is true whether we are adults, teens, men, or women. We want results. We want to see changes.

We believe that seeing results quickly will reinforce our commitment to a healthier lifestyle.  This is one of the reasons why liposuction became so popular so quickly. Unfortunately, liposuction is a major surgical procedure.  This means that it is not a good weight loss solution for everyone.  For some, Mesotherapy has become an alternative to liposuction.

Mesotherapy vs. Liposuction

Unlike liposuction, mesotherapy does not involve surgery.  It is completely non-invasive. An injection is given which allows your fat cells to better break down fat.  If you have liposuction and gain weight, your excess weight is distributed in other areas. This can produce a lumpy, ungainly appearance.  With mesotherapy, fat cells are removed and gaining weight means that it will be distributed throughout your body.

Another important distinction with mesotherapy is areas of cellulite.  Liposuction treatments avoid any areas where cellulite exists.  Mesotherapy treatment can and is done in the areas where cellulite has formed.  In most cases, the result is a smoother appearance where cellulite was evident.

Recovery time is also a consideration.  While liposuction may require upwards of two weeks recovery, those who have had mesotherapy literally walk out of the session prepared to resume normal activities.


Liposuction is not for everyone. If you have considered liposuction but are concerned about side effects or surgery, mesotherapy may be the liposuction alternative you are searching for.  As with any other procedure, nothing is guaranteed.  The lower risks associated with mesotherapy make it a viable liposuction alternative.

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