Neck Lift Alternatives

Thinking about making your neck more attractive?
Thinking about making your neck more attractive?

There are many services and products being advertised today that offer the results of face and neck lifts without surgery. They claim to use wonder plants that promote collagen production, or perhaps require a daily creme treatment. There are dozens of them and just as many methods of use, but none have been proven to actually produce results.

Before beginning any treatment plan as an alternative to neck lift surgery, it is important to first consult with a licensed physician. Be sure to ask about the products and the ingredients used in them. Some of these wonder pills and cremes have been known in the past to contain drugs or substances that proved harmful to their users, even fatal in some cases. Your physician will know if the product has been approved by your local government food and safety organization, and if it contains anything that could be dangerous.

Many physicians will not promote or recommend these products at all. In researching this topic, I discovered a large number different physicians who do not recommend neck lift alternatives such as laser therapy and drug store cremes. Every one of these physicians stated that the products and services simply do not have the qualities required to produce the same results as a neck lift.

Search results also yielded a similar number of surgeons and physicians who say these products work on an individual basis, depending upon the type of treatment the patient is seeking. What may work for one patient may not work for the next three, or vice versa. The results of the treatment are based on the following:

  1. If there is fat to be removed, liposuction is the most effective method outside of exercise.
  2. The amount of loose skin and amount of damage the skin has sustained.
  3. The skin type.
  4. The patient’s individual medical history.

Out of all of the products and services that promote themselves as neck lift alternatives, the only one that has been proven a success in the majority of cases is regular exercise. An excellent neck exercise program can be found by searching online, but you might also consider speaking with your physician and/or trainer to customize a neck exercise plan to produce the best results for your individual case.

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