The Best Alternative To Liposuction

Cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non surgical, are a relatively new practice in the medical field. Liposuction and its many cousins have only come into common practice, available to the public, over the past twenty to thirty years. As the risks and side effects of such surgeries have come into the limelight of the media and through various lawsuits, people who once would have considered these procedures are now looking for non-surgical liposuction alternatives to produce the same effects as a surgery.

The retail market as we know it plays host to thousands of products which are engineered to tighten the skin, dissolve fat cells topically, cleanse pores, and mold our bodies. Many people find the results of these products touch and go, spending hundreds of dollars in products trying to find the right one for their skin and body types.

Even a massage is better than surgery.
Even a massage is better than surgery.

On top of the products available for purchase and use in the comfort and privacy of our own homes, there are methods of weight loss and fat removal that do not use invasive surgical techniques. These methods include laser therapy, mesotherapy, Lipodissolve®, Thermage®, and even acupuncture among a long list of others.

One of the most common reasons that people consider undergoing liposuction is to remove cellulite, one of the hardest types of fat tissues to reduce in the human body. However, mesotherapy is a highly effective alternative for the reduction of cellulite and other effective fat tissue. Using a series of injections beneath the epidermis, mesotherapy works to break apart these fat cells and make them easier to burn away with frequent, vigorous exercise and a healthy diet. Above all the other methods of fat reduction and removal, the one that finds the most success is one that involves healthy living.

The best alternative to liposuction is the method that the user feels most comfortable with and suits their individual goals and body type. Some surgeons may insist that other methods of weight loss be attempted whole heartedly before surgery is considered. When considering liposuction, a responsible surgeon will be happy to discuss non-surgical alternatives with his patients and make recommendations based upon individual circumstances.

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