Cellulite, First Signs of Unhealthy Fats

Cellulite treatmentIt would be impossible if not unhealthy to label ourselves fat free, after all the body needs these as a source of energy for fuelling the body’s many processes.  It becomes only unhealthy when the levels of body fats far exceed the ideal numbers required by our body.

What is Cellulite?

Ever noticed those unusual dimples and uneven skin contours on your body? These are usually located in heavy fat concentrations on our stomach and leg areas. The areas where this uneven skin conditions could be seen are those rich in cellulite deposits. Fat concentration is so great that it has covered the muscles and the appearance has been changed.

Skin can only be stretched to a certain extent. It is certainly flexible composed of fibrous, connective tissues but once it has reached its limit cellulite deposits could be seen in the uneven appearance. When large amounts of is deposited between the skin and the muscles, it appears as cellulite deposits.

This can be disturbing and could affect the confidence of men and women. Cellulite deposits are usually seen in the buttocks, legs, arms, hips and stomach areas. Not ideal places especially during the summer when wearing shorts and shirts are the norm.

Candidates for Cellulite

Women are ideal candidates for developing cellulite. They are more likely to develop fat deposits due to their physical disposition. These are caused by aging, pregnancy and hormonal changes. Women have different levels of fat in their body at different ages in their life. Race also plays a role as Caucasian women have a higher tendency to store fat compared to Asian women.

Aging plays a large role in the development of cellulite deposits. Metabolism slows making it harder for the body to burn fats. Skin may also loosen due to aging and sun damage. It loses its elasticity making skin contour uneven. As people age, they become more sedentary. An inactive lifestyle can bring rise to weight gain.

Women undergo many hormonal changes. It could be seen in their regular monthly periods and especially during menopause.

Cellulite Stages

There are different stages of cellulite deposits. A simple way of identifying which stage cellulite is by performing a pinch test. Using your index and thumb, pinch the skin on the thighs, stomach and buttocks. A dimple effect clearly indicates cellulite deposits. This could also be done by simply standing in front of the mirror and studying skin appearance.

The Nurnberger-Muller scale is a classification method for determining cellulite stages. Zero is considered as the norm and three as the most advance stage.

  • Normal (Zero) – there is no uneven surfaces or dimples. This is evident even when standing or lying down.
  • Stage One – there is a slight dimple when pinched and could be seen when sitting or when pressed against a hard surface.
  • Stage Two – dimples are present when pinched and uneven skin surfaces could be seen even when standing. The skin looks smooth when lying down.
  • Stage Three – dimples are visible even without pinching. Uneven skin and bulges could be seen when standing or lying down.

Simple Ways of Preventing Cellulite

There is no surefire way of preventing fat but there are simple ways of reducing their development.  The best way is to keep everything healthy. Maintain proper skin and muscle tone and reduce fat intake.

  • Diet Changes – we are what we eat and by sticking to healthy food and reducing fat intake we also prevent the appearance of cellulite deposits.
  • Exercise Regularly – living an active lifestyle helps burn fats and tones the muscles.
  • Maintaining your Ideal Weight – sudden weight changes could stretch your skin. Keeping your weight stable helps maintain skin tone.

Eliminating fat entirely from our system is impossible and not recommended. It is only when cellulite deposits reach abnormally high levels that health professionals recommend slimming down. Cellulite is the first signs that there is unusual fat build up in our bodies. It is also a sign that we should start seriously consider slimming down and go back to our healthy ways.

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