Gynaecomastia - Male Breast Reduction

Weight Loss--A Common Goal
Gynaecomastia, the male breast emulating the appearance of female breasts condition, is more alarming in case of emotional and psychological aspect than physical.
In the study of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons headed by Dr. Brian Labow, boys can be affected by adverse psychological effects at an early age even with just a mild case of gynaecomastia.
Gynaecomastia can be cured or remedied through male breast reduction.
Negative Psychosocial Effects of Gynaecomastia
The study above yielded a clear result; gynaecomastia can affect boys, even men, in terms of psychological and emotional aspects. The boys who were the subjects of the study had low scores in term so standard quality of life assessment. They even have lower scores in physical health, being most of them over weight. The study has compared results to those boys who took the test but don't have the condition.
The reason behind the negative thinking over the condition is the idea that we have been reared in society that has breast as a standard anatomy part of women, not of men.  Men and boys find it adversative to being male and being masculine.
Due to that, they experience problems socially, emotionally and psychologically, the men and boys suffering from male breast enlargement. The adverse effects of gynaecomastia psychosocially can be found below:
  1. Low self esteem is observed.
  2. Social relationship is impaired.
  3. Tendency to wear different clothes to hide the lumps and be considered different from the rest.
  4. Ridicule and bullying from people around you can be demeaning.
  5. Withdrawal from people and low assessment of body image.
These can be overcome once the condition has been addressed. Surgery and losing weight are two of the most popular remedy for the condition.
Physical and Medical Suppositions of Gynecomastia
At the age of 14, 60% of boys have gynaecomastia.  This is due to the increase of estrogen during this stage.
Mostly, men who have the male breast enlargement syndrome are on the overweight side of the scale. On the other hand, gynaecomastia or male breast enlargement or not, male are still susceptible to breast cancer.
Although there is only 1% of cases of male breast enlargement that has been diagnosed with cancer, still it is something that needs quite an attention. The differentiation though from the normal gynaecomastia and from malignant breast enlargement can be quite hard. But due to technologies today and current research findings, the relationship has slowly been coming to light.
Male Breast Cancer
Male breast cancer is not common but not unheard of. Just like with women, men have the breasts tissues and once there is an uncontrolled growth, cancer may happen.
Death in male breast cancer is low as compared to women’s. There are 390 deaths per year which is quite low compared to the 40, 000 death cases among women.
Though the likelihood that a man can develop breast cancer is 1 in every 1000, there are still things that need to be remembered for men. Early diagnoses happen when early signs of it are observed. Early intervention then can also be done after.
Male Breast Reduction as a Remedy for Gynecomastia
Breast reduction is a common surgical procedure in both men and women. For gynecomastia, breast reduction is an effective treatment.
The breast reduction for the male is done through liposuction. It can be done in two hours. Patients can go back home after the procedure given that he recovered from anesthesia.
The procedure can be pain free but then pain medication can also be available if requested.
As with other procedure, there are things that you need to do before and after the procedure. Before the surgery, make sure that you are physically fit and have avoided all the don’ts for the procedure. After the surgery, post operative care needs to be observed as well.
Male Breast Health
Men and breast health shouldn’t be something that is a taboo. Male breasts are reality, of course there will be some cases along the way that cause it to change. But it isn’t something to be neither ashamed of nor afraid of.
With the technology today, the male breast enlargement shouldn’t be a big worry among men. Breast reduction can be available. For male breast cancer, the advances that science today is overwhelming. Chemotherapy, drugs are even available.
The psychosocial effects though need to be overcome. And it should start with the address of the problem. Cut out the problem, let go of your social dilemmas and be confident again. Easily said but with the right footing and guidance, you will overcome these condition.

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