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Are you happy with your body?
Are you happy with your body?

Lipodissolve has become increasingly popular with the demand for non-surgical weight loss procedures. It's not as well known as some other weight loss techniques such as laser liposuction or even acupuncture weight loss, but patient reviews seem to shed a great amount of positive light on the procedure.

A form of injection lipolysis, Lipodissolve uses a series of injections to help reduce unwanted, localized fat deposits. These are generally zones such as love handles, muffin tops, cellulite, or saddlebags. In terms of weight loss on a larger scale, Lipodissolve can help break down fat cells and make them easier to burn away.

Lipodissolve is commonly confused with mesotherapy, but the two are actually different procedures. Mesotherapy is a holistic treatment, and it does not use any medically active ingredients.

Lipodissolve, on the other hand, uses phosphatidylcholine/deoxycholate (PC DC) to help break down these fat cells, and the other ingredients that make up the injection solution are variable. They may include vitamins, minerals or even hormones. It is said that this concoction of ingredients is customized by each practitioner in order to produce the best results possible for each individual patient.

There haven't been too many published studies on Lipodissolve to date, so the risks and side effects thus far are mostly speculated. However, there's no question that the injections do actually liquefy fat, but one must wonder where the liquefied fat goes if it does not remain in its original zones. Some potential new homes for the fat include the liver, the heart, blood vessels, or it may simply shift. While your love handles or bra roll may have disappeared, now you run the risk for premature heart attack or liver failure.

Treatments usually consist of ten to twelve sessions, each occurring at four to six week intervals. Roughly one Lipodissolve treatment should occur over the course of about ten to fifteen months. It is no quick and easy weight loss fix. It's also very important for anyone considering lipodissolve to remember that their desired outcome will only be achieved if they incorporate daily exercise and healthy eating habits into their lives.

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The Value of Aerobic Exercise

Remember those old aerobics from the '80s, with the steps and spandex? As cheesy as they look, those kinds of exercise are actually very beneficial to your health and weight loss attempts and there are a multitude of reasons why.

1. Aerobic exercise helps increase the blood flow and heart rate.

By increasing your blood flow, heart rate and respiratory rate, you're helping your body burn excess calories - one of the key factors in weight loss and avoiding liposuction. Because it usually involves the majority of your body being used, it also helps to keep your blood flowing quickly and keeping your heart rate increased. This is a factor that directly reflects your ability to burn those calories - the longer your heart beats at that increased rate, the more calories you'll burn off.

2. Aerobic exercise helps tone muscle.

Again, the range of the anatomy used in aerobic exercise is great when it comes to toning muscle. Taking part in activities like Tae Bo will help you to build and tone muscle all over your body and at a relatively even rate. Keep in mind that you will need to balance your exercise plan according to your individual goals and abilities, and it won't be long before aerobic exercise begins to work in your favour, eliminating the need for surgery.

3. Aerobic exercise is great for the lungs and heart.

Our heart and lungs is pretty much the engine room for our bodies. Yes, the brain is the control center, but there's nothing to control without the engine room. We need to keep these organs healthy and running smoothly as much as possible in order to ensure that we avoid health complications such as heart attacks. Aerobic exercise offers these organs great routine action if performed properly, and they can help you to build a strong cardiac and respiratory system if you take part regularly.

Like liposuction, aerobic exercise may not be right for everyone. Those who suffer with breathing difficulties or ailments, such as asthma or emphysema may find this type of activity very strenuous or even distressing. It is important to discuss your plans with a licensed physician before you begin and make sure your plan will work for you and your individual health.

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Fears Associated With Liposuction

Is cosmetic surgery a real reason to be scared?Is cosmetic surgery a real reason to be scared?

When it comes to any form of surgery, there are many different fears experienced by patients on many different levels. With all the risks and side effects that one could be subjected to, it is only natural to feel some form of apprehension regarding any kind of surgery, but this is a major factor in the world of elective surgeries, such as liposuction. No one wants to put themselves at risk by choice, and it's a very serious thing to consider before making that final decision to go under the knife.

Since general anesthesia is commonly used in liposuction, many people fear the procedure of being dosed and what will happen while they are sleeping. Horror films such as Jessica Alba's "Awake" feed fear into people subconsciously when it comes to surgeries and anesthesia. Essentially, you are entirely helpless while under general anesthesia, and this is something most people are extremely uncomfortable with. Humans have an innate need to remain in control, and this takes away every bit of control we have over ourselves and our safety.

Another very common liposuction-associated fear is the fear of bad results. Since it takes six months, sometimes longer, for the results of liposuction to finally settle, it is hard to tell if your results will be optimal. With such a lengthy period of time lapsing between the time of surgery and when the final results become apparent, it can be hard to remember the exact details of any guarantee, or even to track down the operating surgeon. This fear can be alleviated by ensuring a good, reputable surgeon with an insurance policy and guarantee (that covers at least one year post-surgery for touch ups, etc).

At the top of the list for liposuction associated fears is the fear of being duped into believing you've hired a great surgeon. There are a lot of deceitful people in the world who take advantage of anyone they possibly can, and the world of cosmetic surgery is no exception. The problem is, with this kind of fraud, it's hard to tell if you've hired a con artist until it's too late. Remember - a real, reputable surgeon will be easy to find positive information on. He'll (or she'll) most likely have a web site, a receptionist at his office and lots of clients in a very clean building. The best way to avoid this potential danger? Trust your gut. If you think something might be wrong, it probably is.

There are tons of fears that can easily be associated with liposuction. By taking a careful, practical and thoughtful approach to the surgery, selecting a surgeon and being prepared for what is to come, you can alleviate most of them yourself. Deeper lying phobias should be discussed with the surgeon and possibly a therapist, if it is necessary.

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Why Mesotherapy Beats Liposuction

Mesotherapy's Benefits and DrawbacksMesotherapy's Benefits and Drawbacks

Mesotherapy has become a very popular replacement for the various types of liposuction in regions all over the world. People from all walks of life, of all shapes and sizes, have accepted this has an effective and affordable treatment to help them in their weight loss quests. After great amounts of research and asking around, it's easy to conclude that mesotherapy definitely beats liposuction. Here's why.

1. Mesotherapy involves no down time.

Because it's non-invasive and non-surgical, the only time you'll be required to take away from your daily life is the time it takes for the appointment - approximately an hour, depending upon the size of the region to be treated. Liposuction involves several weeks where the patient is unable to participate in vigorous activities and perform their daily tasks.

2. Mesotherapy cannot be mistaken for a weight loss replacement as easily as liposuction.

It's very easy for the average person to think of liposuction as a quick and easy, albeit very expensive, way to get rid of excess fat tissue. Since it's removed via suction, there's nothing left to burn away with exercise and healthy living. Mesotherapy encourages patients to actually participate in this healthy lifestyle because the treatments simply don't work with out it. The injections are not designed to obliterate fat cells, but to weaken them and make it easier for the patient to burn fat away with a properly formed exercise and diet plan.

3. Mesotherapy is entirely non-invasive.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure, there's no question about it. Patients are treated in the hospital, and are cared for by hospital staff. Mesotherapy, on the other hand, is normally performed in a private clinic by a licensed practitioner. The average appointment spans roughly an hour, and the ingredients in the serum are customized based on the individual patient, practitioner and the desired outcome.

4. Mesotherapy cocktails are customized for every patient.

Based on the patient's medical history, their desired outcome, and the practitioner himself, each patient is injected with a different serum that is designed to help them obtain their goals. The serum uses different vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other ingredients that will be agreed upon between the patient and doctor.

Over all, mesotherapy is the better option in our busy world. Who really has the time available, or the funds for that matter, to be able to take time away from work and pay for surgery at the same time? With quick appointments, no recovery time and minimal side effects or risks involved, anyone thinking of liposuction would be wise to research mesotherapy clinics in their region.

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