Liposuction the Natural Way

Do your arms need liposuction?

Liposuction has become the world’s most popular cosmetic procedure as provided by International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons or ISAPS’ data. Women are mostly the gender who requests such procedure but then the rise in men who seek the treatment has also been noted these past years.

Liposuction has taken the 23 percent of all cosmetic procedure all over the world amounting to 2,174,803 in estimate. Most of these have been performed in the US but South Korea has a higher percentage of such procedures in their country. Brazil and China follows through in the numbers.

But seeing all of these, can the weight loss seekers have been looking for liposuction alternatives? Yes, of course, sometimes, liposuction can just be the last course or if any natural alternative can’t budge your weight. But for the time being, which natural alternative you haven’t tried yet? Well read on.

Modify your Diet

Diet, when all else fails, should be the first thing that needs modification. There are so many things you may do to keep flabs away or reduce existing ones. Experts’ advice that elimination of white starches in one’s diet can be a start. And for this, it can be a healthy and a less costly alternative to liposuction.

White starches, as mentioned, can increase and stimulate insulin production and keep the fat in one’s belly. Reducing on it can reduce one’s glycemic index that converts sugar into fat eventually. Part of diet modification involves the no soda diet.

Soda can contribute to the big amount of fat in ones belly, especially diet sodas since it increases ones appetite. And an alternative to it? Water of course. It can help flush out toxins and keep your system function better this making your body be more attuned to its fat burning goals.

And by diet modification, it goes without saying, that fruits and vegetables should be the staple food in your table, no take-outs, no junk foods and no canned and processed dinners.

Exercise Right

You may lose some of your exercising hopes, but this can be because you may be attacking it the wrong way. Why not go for aerobic or weight training? Experts say that doing it four times a week may be an alternative to cosmetic procedures.

Weight training can help in the toning of your muscles. If you find it hard to start or develop the routine, see a trainer or get into a gym membership.


By supplements, I don’t mean the easy weight loss pills. I mean the vitamins and the needed minerals by your body. Take all the necessary supplements to help aid you in the process of losing weight, or take some supplements that can help aid you in your workout such as omega-3.

Be Stress Free

More often, stress can cause bingeing. Bingeing can worsen your weight problems. And everything about this is through the way your brain is wired. SO breath in, breath out, forget your problem and smile.

Acupuncture and Massage

Massage can help ease stress and relax muscles but it can also help in your muscle building capabilities. It can help your fitness regimen and can increase your capacity to control and lose weight.

Acupuncture on the other hand has been a very old and traditional way to cure some medical conditions. But according to old Chinese rules, it can also aid in weight loss. Some points in the body, when pricked by the acupuncture needles can help you maintain or lose some weight.

Set Realistic Goals

Realistic goals can help you maintain the right mindset. And this factor goes with all other cosmetic or natural alternatives. The right and realistic goals can help you avoid disappointment.

So liposuction can be your quickest way there is to a toned down tummy, but the alternatives above can be worth trying.

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Get that Body Back through Tummy Tuck

Burn Stomach FatThe struggle to lose the belly fats is common among women young and old alike. And more often, this problem is maximized after pregnancy or after a major weight loss.

Major celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and Star Jones admitted to the procedure. But then it isn’t just the celebrity alone who has the right for this procedure that can reduce stretch marks, protruding tummy and saggy skin, ordinary women have too.

The tummy tuck or abdominoplasty has seen a rise in a number of its procedures years ago.  Today, tummy tuck is done in conjunction with other procedures and has been a major makeover option for many women.

So Why Tummy Tuck?

Here are some reasons:

  1. You have sagging and excessive abdominal skin after a weight loss and a pregnancy.
  2. Get rid of the fatty deposits in your tummy.
  3. Abdomen is protruding.
  4. Flabby abdomen due to weakened abdominal muscles
  5. Stretch marks below your navel

How Tummy Tuck is Done

Tummy tuck is usually performed in a hospital. It may take 1 to 3 hours for the procedure to be done and may require you to be under a general anesthetic. Some cases may let patients go home on the same day but some may be required to stay in the hospital overnight for close monitoring.

The procedure starts this way. Above the pubic bone, an incision will be made across one’s lower abdomen. A second incision will be made in the navel part. The abdominal muscles in the tummy will then be tightened as the excess skin is removed. After that the area that has been opened will be stitched back.

The tightness in the stomach is normal after the operation. Some discomfort can also be felt after. Pain medication is usually prescribed. Activities are also advised to be limited to allow healing of the abdominal area.

Drains around the incision sites to help remove excess fluids are being placed. More often, 2 to 3 weeks of healing time is needed before going back to work. Compression garment are also advised for most to reduce swelling as well as to provide support and minimize the bruising.

A maximum of six months is needed to fully recover from the operation. Scars from the procedure are well hidden under the bikini if you are worried it will show.

Possible Risks and Complications

As with other procedures, tummy tuck can come with possible complications. Some specific complications for tummy tuck include the tissue loss. Along the horizontal incisions, a tissue loss can happen. This can delay the healing process and should be consulted with one’s doctor right away.

Gathering of fluids is also one major risk of tummy tucks. It may collect under the skin. Though it can be painless, it needs to be removed by the doctor and would mean constant visit to the clinic. The draining tube can also be a possible way to help this complication.

The complication can also vary depending in the type of the tummy tuck you had.

Maintaining the Tummy

After the tummy tuck, of course you will need to recover first. But after that, the way to maintain it is to do some exercise and eat the right way. Change your diet, avoid all the unhealthy foods and do some regular exercise.

Limiting on fats, going for the green and natural foods may help you maintain that stomach. Remember, this can last as long as you take care of it. And to keep the procedure safe, have a skilled doctor to operate on you. And keep your expectations real, best way to be satisfied later.

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Little Known Facts About Liposuction

Flat absLiposuction is a medical procedure that is performed to remove considerable amounts of fat deposits. And is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures being performed today. Liposuction has been discussed extensively but many facts are still unknown to many.

Fat cells removed during treatment is permanent

Many of us think that weight removed during liposuction can come back because fat cells return if no positive health steps are undertaken. Yes, the effects of liposuction are not permanent but this is not due to fat cells returning or growing back. We are all born with a set number of fat cells and weight gain is a result of these cells growing in mass.

Fat cells removed during liposuction are permanent. Any weight gain is due to the remaining cell growth due to large fat deposition.

Liposuction is not generally accepted as a healthy weight loss treatment

Although liposuction is being performed by surgeons, many skeptics still consider liposuction as a cosmetic surgery procedure. This treatment is considered a beauty treatment just like facelifts or tummy tucks. But the health benefits of liposuction could not be denied.

Liposuction’s direct effects include a huge reduction in body fats. And any significant loss in body fats positively affects our risks for heart disease. While others only consider liposuction as another aesthetic treatment just like facelifts, it greatly reduces our risk for cardio vascular disease and helps us live a more active lifestyle. Improved self-confidence also makes it easier for people to stick to a healthier diet just to keep the results permanent.

Everybody is a possible candidate for liposuction

Liposuction is a safe medical procedure but not everybody can be considered a candidate. The first thing that comes to mind with liposuction is a severely obese person getting tons of cellulite removed and miraculously coming out thinner after the operation. Yes, liposuction is seriously considered for people who are considered severely obese. But they should reduce their weight into acceptable limits before an operation is performed.

Liposuction has its limits and every extra pound of fat above their normal weight complicates the procedure. Those with existing heart conditions also pose a risk for surgery. Liposuction is an invasive procedure just like any type of surgery. And people who are considering an operation should consult with their doctor.

Liposuction can be done by any physician

Liposuction is a delicate medical procedure simply because it required surgery. It is an invasive procedure fraught with risks if not performed properly. Only a highly-trained cosmetic surgeon gives you the best chance of enjoying the best results while minimizing your risks for medical complications. Not all physicians are qualified to perform surgery. And not all surgeons are trained to perform liposuction. It would be a good idea to do a background check or ask your personal physician for qualified surgeons.

Multiple treatments might be required to achieve desired results

Liposuction remains to be the fastest and most effective method for removing large amounts of cellulite deposits. However, it is unable to remove all the fats in the body in one single procedure. This is especially true for those who are severely obese who have considerable stores of fat in different areas of their body. A single procedure might target fats in the abdominal area while other fat deposits are targeted in succeeding surgery.

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Tummy Tucks, Nightmares and Complications

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Tummy tucks or abdominoplasty is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that is done to smoothen and remove those extra curves in the abdominal area. Thousands of tummy tucks are performed safely in the United States alone each year with each procedure producing instant visible results for its patients. However, this procedure is not immune from the risks and complications seen in any surgical procedure. It does have its share of medical risks that potential candidates should consider.


One of the factors that make tummy tucks relatively dangerous could be traced to its use of anesthesia.  Complications include allergic reactions, vomiting and dizziness, aspiration and increased heart rate. But the use of anesthesia in any surgical procedure is standard. Cases of medical complications due to the use of anesthesia are generally few. And this is only caused when it is not administered by an experienced anesthesiologist.

The simplest way to avoid this is by working with a professional anesthesiologist to administer, monitor vital signs during the operation. To minimize complications, local anesthesia can be administered. This is because the effects of medication are limited to the target area. But this is a decision that should be considered with your surgeon’s approval. Discussing this and all the aspects of your tummy tuck could help you make a better informed decision.

Surgical Complications

All surgical procedures have risks and complications associated with it. Tummy tucks are an invasive medical procedure that comes with these complications.

Excessive bleeding – hemorrhage could result when a major blood vessel is cut inadvertently. Wounds could open due to excessive movements. This is why heavy lifting is discouraged and physical activities are advised to a minimum.

  • Infection – surgical incisions are made exposing internal organs to possible infection. This is why great care is done to ensure that all instruments and the operating room are maintained sterile. Infections could also occur after the operation when wounds are not properly cared for.
  • Swelling and bruising – tissue and skin trauma is a direct result of surgery. This is an expected result of the operation. Tenderness and pain are a common complaint but this is managed with pain medications. Swelling subsides after a few days and bruising disappears when wounds totally heal.
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis or Blood Clots - Blood clots could form and travel through the bloodstream. This could end up in the lungs and block the normal flow of blood to the organ resulting to pulmonary embolism a dangerous medical condition. To avoid deep vein thrombosis, patients are advised to wear compression garments immediately after the procedure.
  • Scarring and Tissue Death (Necrosis) - Scarring is an inevitable result of surgical incisions made during abdominoplasty. Tissue death is caused by improperly cared wounds making wound care essential after the procedure.

Just like liposuction, fats removed from tummy tucks are removed with a drainage tube. This is immediately discontinued after all the fat is removed. The procedure is painless during the operation but pain is a general complain after. But this could easily be managed with pain medication.

Surgical procedures are inherently dangerous and pose serious threats and complications. Tummy tucks are no exception. The success or failure of a surgical procedure ultimately depends on the competence of your surgeon. This is why choosing your surgeon is always a top priority when opting for a tummy tuck procedure.

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