Tumescent Liposuction – Weighing your Options

Medical science has brought many innovations to quick and effective weight loss. Liposuction surgery continues to be the pioneers in terms of this type of treatment but liposuction alternatives are quickly catching up as a popular method of eliminating stubborn body fat.

How is it performed?

Tumescent liposuction is a modern weight loss method that offers the benefits of traditional liposuction without its associated risks. It is generally safer and only requires local anesthesia. This procedure utilizes epinephrine and diluted local anesthesia. This is injected into the target areas which firm and swells tissue around the area. The epinephrine also acts to constrict the capillaries and blood vessels to minimize bleeding and hasten recovery period.

When the target area is desensitized, the surgeon makes a small incision where the cannula will be inserted. Once inserted, a vacuum sucks out stubborn fat deposits and eliminated. The small incision is closed after the procedure.


Recovery and after care

The patient is assessed after the operation. An elastic comprehension garment is used to keep pressure on the area to prevent bleeding. It is also used to promote proper healing and hasten wound recovery time. The anesthesia usually loses its effects after surgery and the patient would experience pain and discomfort. However, the surgeon usually prescribed anti inflammatory medications for managing pain and swelling.

Patients could return to their normal daily activities with as little as a few days after treatment. Ample rest and a healthy diet are advised to promote faster recovery. Patients are also advised to ambulate as soon as they can to promote blood circulation and prevent blood clots.

Surgeons usually advise their patients to refrain from strenuous activities a few days after surgery. This is to prevent the wound from opening and bleeding. Proper wound care is also recommended to prevent wound infection.

Advantages of Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is similar in principle to traditional liposuction surgery but differs in some details. First, it uses local anesthesia in lieu of general anesthesia which significantly lowers risks and complications. Because it is less invasive, patients could be discharged after the procedure. This significantly reduces the costs of the weight loss treatment since expensive hospital stay is eliminated. According to some experts, tumescent liposuction is more efficient in body sculpting since it is able to harden target areas for more precise fat removal.

The patients are awake during the procedure decreasing the fears associated with surgery. It is less stressful and less tasking. Medical complications and risks are also reduced making it safer compared to liposuction.

Even with the best practices, this does not eliminate some of the direct results of surgery. This includes tissue trauma on the target area, pain, swelling and scarring. Tumescent liposuction however, is safer compared to traditional liposuction.

Who are ideal candidates?

This is ideal for people who are near their ideal weight. A common misconception is that liposuction could be done on anybody. But the risks of surgery increases with every pound a patient is above their ideal weight. Surgeons recommend patients to decrease their weight before undergoing surgery.

Whatever the choice, traditional or alternative liposuction, it is best that you determine what procedure works best for you. Consult with your personal physician to help determine the safest and healthiest way to eliminate those unwanted fat deposits.

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Is RF Liposuction Effective in Getting Rid of Unwanted Body Fat

Many of today’s health concerns deal with weight problems. Studies have shown that the number of obese people has been increasing steadily. That is why some methods are being developed to address health concerns with respect to unusually high fat deposits. There are several ways to remove body fat in the body. But some methods are more effective than others.

Recently, a new form of body sculpturing method for expelling excess fat in the body has been developed. Liposuction alternatives such as radio frequency liposuction were developed as a gentler procedure for removing body fats. This is quite different from the conventional liposuction which involves surgery. There are basic differences in terms of the equipment and procedures done in RF liposuction.

 How does RF liposuction work

This method uses radio frequency to burn the fats in the body. The method makes use of a device which emit radio frequency that melts the fat accumulation in the body. The device is place on the surface of the skin and targeted to the area of the body where there is accumulation of body fat. RF liposuction is an outpatient procedure which often last up to 45 minutes. The procedure should only be done by licensed professional who have the right equipment.


RF liposuction works by making use of thermal energy which would reach the temperature of 38-40°C. This is the right temperature to melt the excess fat in the body. Unlike laser treated liposuction it does not harm the tissue in the body it only burns the fatty cell in the body. It also tightens the collagen to the muscle making the skin to contract and prevent the appearance of a sloppy skin after the procedure has been done.

Is it safe?

It has been proven that the procedure is safe to use. It does not harm the tissue and blood vessels in the body compared to other form of liposuction. In this procedure the surgeon has more control in delivering the energy to the fat cells. This avoids trauma to other tissue in the surrounding area and the energy is not spread on other areas. You will be sure that only the fatty region of the body is exposed to the thermal energy.

Is it effective in removing excess fats in the body?

It‘s currently one of the best and effective way to remove fats in the body and sculpturing a desirable body contour. The procedure has gain a lot of popularity in the recent years. And there are a lot of satisfied clients that can testify that the procedure is very effective. The results could manifest after a few weeks or months. This procedure promises that bleeding and bruises will be minimized compared to conventional liposuction. It also ensures that the fat removal process is smoother since it dissolves the fats before being removed.

This procedure is probably the best method of liposuction today. If properly done, you could achieve great results. But undergoing the procedure would be totally useless if you still don’t make the necessary behavioural changes in your eating habits. It would be best to lessen your calorie intake after the procedure.

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A Simple Guide to Tickle Liposuction

Tickle liposuction or tickle lipo is a liposuction alternative that is less invasive and performed under local anesthesia. Also referred to as lunchtime liposuction, the procedure could be done in as little as an hour where patients can be discharged immediately. Recovery time is short and people could resume their normal daily activities within days hence, the name lunchtime liposuction.

The procedure is performed without the use of heat or lasers. An oscillating instrument is used to breakdown fat cells thus producing less tissue trauma, bleeding and has faster healing rates. It gets its name from the sensation produced by the oscillating or vibrating cannula which produces a tickling sensation.

Tickle liposuction is an FDA approved procedure. It is highly recommended for active men or women who don’t have the benefits of spending long recovery times. Aside from the costs of liposuction, one of the reasons why people shun away from traditional liposuction is the long recovery period which prevents them from returning to work making the experience financially stressful.

The procedure is highly effective for removing stubborn fat deposits in the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves and ankles. Because it produces less tissue trauma, it could be performed in more sensitive areas where traditional liposuction could do more harm than good.


People who are planning to undergo traditional liposuction are advised to have an extensive medical checkup. This is to guarantee that they are able to meet the requirements for the surgical procedure. Tickle liposuction on the other hand only require that they be pre-approved by the surgeon. Because it is less complicated and risky, almost anybody could be considered a candidate for the procedure.

Patients are advised to avoid blood thinning medications and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as Advil, Aleve, ibuprofen and aspirin. These medications could increase the risks of bleeding. Although patients are discharged immediately after the procedure, they are discouraged from driving. The effects of the local anesthesia may still be present making driving extremely dangerous. Wearing loose clothing is also advised to avoid placing stress on the operated area.

Tickle liposuction is performed by first introducing local anesthesia to the target area. A vibrating cannula is then introduced on the target area to destroy fat cells. The fat cells are then removed from the body naturally. The vibrating effect gives a tingling sensation. It is practically pain free.

Results of treatment could be seen immediately with changes more visible a few days after the procedure. However, it does not produce the same dramatic results as traditional liposuction. Fat cell reduction is also significantly compared to the latter. Patients are often advised to get multiple treatments to achieve their desired results.

One great advantage of using tickle liposuction for fat removal is the relative ease and quickness of the procedure. This is even possible for busy professionals who don’t have the luxury of spending weeks recovering from surgery.

Tickle liposuction is definitely safer compared to liposuction surgery. Medical complications such as bleeding and infection are minimized due to the nature of treatment. It is FDA approved and is certified safe for removing fat cells. Tissue trauma is minimal and it does not damage nearby cells or blood vessels.

Fat cells removed through liposuction are permanently eliminated. Future weight gain could be attributed to other areas not treated. Fat cells could be removed permanently but this does not prevent you from gaining weight in the future. The best way of keeping your body slim remains to be a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle.

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Simple Guide to Thigh Liposuction

Cellulite treatmentThe common problem areas among women when concerned about their figure are their legs. In most cases, inner thighs are what they mostly focus, as they give emphasis of the woman's curves below the hip area. It is also with the fact that women develop more fat below the waist than men. If these thighs get too much fat or cellulite deposits, they get lumpy like saddlebags and give the surrounding skin an unsightly "orange peel" look.

This irregularity of shape ruins the silhouette of a woman's figure even if they have a small waistline. It can also ruin your posture as big thighs can give one an awkward walk as they rub together as one walks. On the other hand, men can also develop unsightly thighs, although it can be very rare due to the fact that men develop more fat on the waist and above the hips.

Why Thigh Liposuction

A liposuction procedure of the thighs is made to address problems of having lumpy thighs. Whether it be inner thighs or outer thighs, this procedure helps reshape and improve the look the thighs by reducing the amount of fat deposits stored in them through suction. Visible results may be seen a few weeks after the procedure is finished, which can be leaner thighs and smoother skin without the "orange peel" look.

Before Thigh Liposuction

Before you undergo a thigh liposuction procedure, you must understand the process and how it is done. Depending on your case, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon will decide on the specific liposuction method and will make all the assessments to be check before the surgery. It is important for the surgeon that the cannula, the suction tube in which fat is being drawn on, must be on a good size during the procedure to prevent irregularities on the surface of the thighs, which have a jelly-like softness underneath.

Like any other surgical procedure, you must take enough rest on the day before the procedure; the amount will depend on your doctor's advice. Prevent exerting too much stress on your legs such as excessive walking, running and jumping to prevent your legs from being stiff before the procedure starts.

During the Procedure

During the procedure, you should be aware of how the surgeon will administer anesthesia to you, much like any other surgical procedure, as it is important that he will be able to access the areas to be treated. In most cases, you will be given general anesthesia and a breathing tube is inserted in your wind-pipe or trachea. After the procedure, you will do bed rest for at least 4 days and will be prescribed some medicines to relieve discomfort.

Varying Results

The results seen after liposuction will vary on your age and the size of the thighs pre-surgery. Younger people, who will have relatively high amounts of skin elasticity, may produce leaner and smoother thighs afterwards. But older ones and those who have larger fat deposits may have to get wrinkled patches and sagging skin around the thighs after surgery. Thus, an additional procedure may be recommended, such as a thigh lift, to reduce the sagging.

In normal cases, though, liposuction procedures can still produce sagging skin because of the loss of connective fluid that may also be removed during the procedure. Alternative procedures like Thrermage and Velashape can produce similar results without the sagging. Consult your plastic surgeon and dermatologist for any inquiries.

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