Natural Skin Tightening Methods

ID-10038740Having a slimmer figure after weight loss treatments does not only have a positive effect on your health but also provides a significant boost to your confidence. However, one side effect of losing weight is the presence of loose skin where fat deposits have been removed. This could have a negative effect your confidence depending on its extent. The good news is that this could be remedied with simple skin tightening treatments.

One of the reasons why people suffer from loose skin after weight loss is that this is done quickly. It is advised that people not lose more than three pounds per week in order for the body or skin to adjust to these changes. It gives your skin the chance to adjust with the changes and prepare it for more fat loss. However, this may not be possible with liposuction surgery as great amounts of fat are removed with a single procedure.

A simple way of restoring loose skin is to use moisturizers. This improves your skin’s health by restoring elasticity. Tighten up loose skin especially on areas where large fats deposits were removed. Keep this on your skin while you sleep by wearing long sleeves and plants. Moisturizers are not only good for tightening loose skin but helps you look younger.

A good body scrub could also help tighten loose skin. Body scrubbing helps remove dead skin and enhances the growth of new skin. The result is a better skin fit as new skin cells cling to the body much better.

Losing weight naturally by eating a healthy diet and exercise prevents the occurrence of loose skin. Because weight loss is less drastic, skin is able to cope with the sudden loss of volume. Exercising for example does not only burn fat but also restores volume by building your muscles. You could start by lifting lighter weights to burn fats and slowly progress to heavier weights for strengthening muscles.

Stomach crunches might provide the same dramatic results seen in liposuction but it is effective in toning abdominal muscles. Think of this as a natural alternative to tummy tucks. It does take a little bit of patience to produce visible results. Combining this with a healthy diet however, makes it more effective and hastens fat loss. Stomach crunches do not require special equipments and could be done almost everywhere. Making stomach crunches not only a natural skin tightening method but also a cost-effective one. Living an active lifestyle prevents fat buildup while building your muscles. Walking, running and push-ups helps tighten loose skin.

Beauty and skin experts recommend using sea salt scrubs to help tighten skin. This improves blood flow enhancing the distribution of much needed nutrients to the skin. It keeps the skin healthy and maintains elasticity. Try scrubbing in the shower twice a day and at least three times a week. Mineral scrubs are equally effective.

Some have sworn that massages have helped them tighten their skin after weight loss. They said that regular massages helped tighten sagging skin on the arms and thighs. Massages relieve stress and improve blood flow. This enhances the body’s natural ability to repair itself especially after liposuction.

Collagen creams could also be used for skin tightening. These help the skin cling tightly to muscles and tissues. Decreased collagen levels can be the result of aging hence, restoring its levels is essential for maintaining skin tone.

Cosmetic surgery is the easiest and quickest way of restoring skin tone. This is especially useful for people who have undergone massive weight loss as a result of liposuction. Natural methods however, offer a gentler method of skin tightening. It does not only tighten the skin but also keeps it looking young and healthy.

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Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction

Numerous developments have been made in the field of weight loss procedures. Modern medical techniques such as liposuction have made it possible to eliminate stubborn fat deposits quickly. But liposuction still remains to be a procedure that has its own share of risks and complications. Hence, the need for alternative weight loss methods that is safer and gentler.

Water-jet assisted liposuction is one of the alternative techniques that aim to provide the benefits of traditional liposuction without its risks. It is a gentle and less invasive procedure that uses pressurized water to dislodge fat. Some of its advantages include:

-          Less invasive

-          Faster recovery

-          Gentler, less painful

-          Produces great results

The main difference between traditional liposuction and water-jet assisted liposuction is that it utilizes a pulsating spray of liquid to remove stubborn fat deposits. It loosens fat from connective tissues thru the action of liquids and eliminates them. The direct result is a weight loss technique that produces less tissue trauma and bruising while providing excellent results.

Body-jet liposuction introduces gentle pulses of fluid into the body using a cannula.


With Body-Jet liposuction, the doctor simultaneously introduces gentle pulses of fluid into the body while dislodging and removing fat using a cannula. Unlike laser-based liposuction, it uses the action of pressurized water to gently remove cellulite deposits while minimizing trauma. The procedure effectively removes fluids simultaneously as it is introduced.

Advantages of water-jet assisted liposuction:

Water-jet assisted liposuction is a gentler procedure compared to other types of liposuction. It could be done with minimal downtime and produces less discomfort. It is performed under local anesthesia eliminating the dangers associated with general anesthesia. Because it is less invasive, people are able to recover more quickly and return to their daily routines. It is also more targeted hence, providing excellent results.

Who is an ideal candidate for water-jet assisted liposuction?

Any liposuction procedure becomes more risky with every pound that the patient is over their ideal weight. Ideal candidates for water-jet assisted liposuction should be in good health and not more than 25 pounds over their ideal weight. People suffering from persistent localized fat deposits that are resistant to exercise could obtain the best results from treatment.

Areas for treatment:

Water-jet assisted could safely remove cellulite deposits from almost any trouble spot in the body. It could safely treat almost any area because it is gentler and less invasive. Common areas for treatment includes the arms, thighs, chin, knees, hips and abdomen.

What makes it different from traditional liposuction?

Water-jet assisted liposuction utilizes pulses of fluids with saline to gently remove fat deposits. This produces lesser trauma compared to the suctioning motion in traditional liposuction. Standard liposuction also requires a lengthy period for introducing tumescent fluids into the target area. Water-jet assisted liposuction also uses fluids during the procedure but less medication is needed. These however, are used to minimize discomfort and manage bleeding.

The procedure minimizes the amount of fluid at any given time. It gives the surgeon a better perspective on how the procedure is going. This makes water-jet assisted liposuction better in some ways compared to other alternative procedures.

Patients could return to their normal daily activities in as little as a few days. Because treatment produces less pain and healing is quicker. Like any type of liposuction treatment, fat cells removed don’t grow back. Any weight gain could be traced to untreated areas of the body.

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Large Volume Liposuction

Liposuction has become one of the most popular ways of removing large amounts of fat deposits quickly. Given the choice of laboring hours in the gym and undergoing a strict diet or losing huge amounts of fat in a single procedure, then liposuction would be the choice for many.

Large volume liposuction is a special procedure which exactly is what it names says, it removes huge amounts of cellulite deposits in the body. The American Society of Plastic Surgery more accurately defines this as any liposuction procedure that removes more than five liters of liquids from the body. This is roughly equivalent to six pounds of fat.


Large volume liposuction is highly efficient and could easily remove 30 pounds from an overweight person. This could be done by extracting ten to twelve pounds of cellulite. Other visible results include a drastic reduction of six inches from a person’s waist size. Large volume liposuction is really convenient. It does not require exercises or special diets before the procedure. Fat removal is also permanent making it an attractive option for people with severe weight problems.

The procedure is an effective way of eliminating high volume of fat deposits in the body. But like any type of surgical procedure, it does have its own share of disadvantages. Because of its highly sensitive nature, large volume liposuction uses general anesthesia. This is riskier compared to less-invasive fat removal procedures that only requires local anesthesia. Another major drawback with this procedure is the long recovery period associated with liposuction surgery.

Recovery time may take weeks or even months before patients could resume their normal daily activities. Most of the risks are a direct result of general anesthesia use. Patients are advised to visit the hospital for several days for evaluation. Another expected result of large volume liposuction is saggy skin in areas where fat was removed. Patients can undergo a tummy tuck or lift to treat this concern.

Things to Check before the Procedure

Large volume liposuction is definitely not for everyone. Before being treated, patients are advised to consult with their doctors. There are basic conditions to be met before qualifying for treatment. To make your treatment safer, consult with a qualified surgeon.

The patient’s body must be able to withstand the trauma of the procedure. They must not be severely overweight. The risks of liposuction increases with each pound a patient is found over their ideal weight. Some patients are required to lower their weight before any type of surgery is taken.

The success or failure of any surgical procedure is based on the surgeon’s competence. They must possess the necessary experience and training for the procedure. Because liposuction surgery is pretty common nowadays, patients are no longer hard pressed to find a suitable surgeon.

Patients must also be able to understand the limitations and risks of large volume liposuction. Some of the frustration of patients can be due to high expectations. Surgeons must be able to explain the risks and dangers of treatment. They should educate their patients into how the procedure is done.

Large volume liposuction is truly an effective way of removing high volume of fats that remains elusive for many. This is ideal for people who are experiencing a difficult time eliminating stubborn fats through exercise and proper dieting. However, it can be considered risky and consulting with your physician is advised.

This procedure even though it is highly effective is not considered a healthy way of losing fats. It is not a long term solution to obesity. It is still limited in terms of the amount that could be safely removed and risks are directly proportional to every pound of fat removed. Weigh your options. Eating the right diet and living an active lifestyle still remains to be the safest and healthiest way of achieving the body you’ve always wanted.

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Vaser Liposuction - Facts you Need to Know

Vaser liposuction is a modern body sculpting procedure that uses ultrasound technology for removing fat. It is less invasive compared to traditional liposuction and produces less tissue trauma. It is considered as a précise way of targeting and removing body fats that produces a more aesthetically appealing result.

Commonly asked questions

-          Risks and complications

-          How much fat could be removed

-          Period for recovery

-          How much will it costs

-          How good is my surgeon

It is essential that you consult with your personal physician before undergoing vaser liposuction. They could make an assessment if what type of weight loss treatment is best for you. Your physician could also make personal recommendations on cosmetic surgeons and clinics.

During consultation with your surgeon, an assessment is made on your problem areas and how much could be removed. They could also show you the possible visual results after the procedure. This way you set your expectations and estimate how much vaser liposuction will cost.



Vaser Liposuction

This body sculpting procedure works by using ultrasound to shake and destroy fat cells. These are then released from connective tissues and eliminated from the body. Small incisions are made where an instrument is inserted. The tip of the instrument vibrates and this in turn breaks down fat cells. Another instrument is inserted that suctions dislodged fat cells.

Vaser liposuction is a more targeted fat removal approach. It could be used to target hard to target fat problem areas such as the thighs, neck and arms. It does not however, remove the same amount of fats compared to liposuction surgery.

Vaser liposuction Costs

The cost of treatment is considerable cheaper compare to liposuction surgery. It is less complicated and only uses local anesthesia. The cost of vaser liposuction varies according to the areas to be treated and the amount of fats to be removed.

It is best that you shop around before undergoing treatment. Vaser liposuction has become a common cosmetic treatment that it could be easily availed across the country. The surgeon assesses the amount of fats to be removed through ultrasound and then determines the best treatment.

What happens before Vaser Liposuction

Vaser liposuction is a simple medical procedure but it has its share of risks and complications. This is why the surgeons make a full medical assessment of the candidate. This is not suitable for obese patients and is only done to complement other weight loss treatments. The surgeon explains the course of treatment and best possible results. The candidate’s fats are measured by ultrasound and an overall estimate is done.

Expectations and results

Because of the less invasive nature of vaser liposuction, patients are able to return to their normal daily activities within days. Bruising and swelling may take up to two weeks but this is expected. Small incisions are made which decreases the risks for hemorrhage. However, the patient is given a full medical assessment before being discharged from care. Follow-up treatment is scheduled a few days after treatment. This is done to check proper wound healing and possible infection. Unusual fluid buildup is checked to prevent complications.

Risks and Complications

Slight discomfort and pain is a direct result of surgery. The surgeon usually prescribes pain medication to help them manage the pain. A local anesthetic or additional sedation could also be given to patients who are sensitive to pain.

Vaser liposuction is safe. It uses local anesthetics thus, the risks of using general anesthesia is eliminated. The risks of infection and bleeding are smaller because only small incisions are made. Pain and tenderness in the operated area is expected.

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